Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year!

Party animals that we are, Hubby and I fell asleep at 10:00 last night.  I'd set my alarm for midnight, so we could wish each other Happy New year, which came out more like "Rphynyooozzzzzz..."
This morning I took a shower with my yummy-smelling bath stuff (thank you, post-holiday sales, for sweet-smelling bath products and VERY cheap shoes!), then went to a yoga class.  A VERY crowded yoga class.  At which I missed shavasana because I had a coughing fit and had to leave the room, so I hung out by the pool (the class was at the Equinox where I used to work).  Then I went to Philz Coffee (BEST coffee in the world!), then a little walk, and home.  Took a quick bike ride, too.
Tomorrow we're taking a day trip to Yosemite.  Where, apparently, it'll be 61 degrees. Not exactly the snow-covered winter wonderland it normally is this time of year.
Which is just fine with me, lol!
I'm also on vacation this week.  My classes are covered and I'm gonna chill as much as possible.  The kids go back to school Tuesday, and I'll start packing things up, donating others, and throwing away yet more. Then I'll be back to my classes, apply for a part-time teaching job a UC Santa Cruz, and get the kids ready to move.

Oh, and tomorrow is our 11th wedding anniversary.  (May 6th will mark 17 years together, which doesn't really seem possible.  How can we be THAT old?!?!?!)

Happy 2012, everyone!


Geosomin said...

Happy New Year!
Happy Anniversary!

Happy everything :)

azusmom said...

Thank you!!!!