Friday, December 9, 2011

Drama Mamas

Just when I thought I was out...
The other day I drove to the beach and went for a nice walk.  Which turned into a power walk when, suddenly, I REALLY had to pee, and the nearest restroom was oh-so far away.
But a funny thing happened on the way to the restroom: after petting some nice doggies and enjoying the view, I noticed some familiar-looking sights: teamsters carrying lighting equipment, catering trucks, honey wagons... I'd wandered onto a film set!!!!!!
To be honest, I started getting butterflies, and not the good kind.  You may know that for a long time I did work as a background actor in L.A.  What they call "extras."  The people in a scene who don't speak, but make a scene more realistic by being there. They're the people in the background, hence the name, lol!
It's not a bad gig, and pays pretty well if you're in the union. But it's also a bit of a lottery: some sets are wonderful and the extras are treated well, while others...not so much.  And even if the folks on set treat you well, the casting agencies are pretty awful.  They know there are thousands of actors willing to do the work, so they don't have to treat any of those actors respectfully.  Basically, you take what you get & be grateful, 'cause there's always someone willing to take your place.
So I put my head down, kept walking, and focused on my personal pot o' gold, the public restroom.  And after I did my business and could think of something other than "gottapeegottapeagottapeaHOLYCRABCAKESIGOTTAPEE," I remembered that this particular movie is called "Of Men and Mavericks," which is a true, sad story about a young surfer named Jay Moriarity. (And Mavericks is a famous beach for surfers in Half Moon Bay, where I was walking.)  And the star, who plays his mentor, is Gerard Butler.  I don't know about you, but I'm quite the fan, especially after "Phantom of the Opera."  So I took a little look-see around (just with my eyes: I didn't snoop, honest!) for him, but he wasn't around.  I think they were setting up for a night shoot.  Seeing as it was 1:00 in the afternoon, they probably wouldn't start filming until 4 or 5. So I continued on my merry way, empty of bladder and full of contentment to be on the beach on such a gorgeous day.

Two days later (also known as "yesterday") I was dragged into a different drama.  Have I mentioned that there's some unhappiness among some of the other moms of kids in my son's class?  The classroom move was a result of that.  Unfortunately it didn't end there.
I understand the concerns, although I don't share them.  Maybe because my son has been with this teacher for 4 years and she has worked wonders with him.  Plus, he adores her and the feeling is mutual.  I also consider her a friend, so maybe I've become a bit biased.  However, I also believe that I am as entitled to my feelings and opinions as they are of theirs, even if I'm not as vocal about it.
Anyway, I got an email saying these parents would be meeting with the (new, this year) principal that morning.  I had an appointment so I couldn't go.  Which was a good thing: I've decided I'm NOT going to get involved.   I did write an email to the principal today, letting her know that I support the teacher and her team.  (I hope it helped; the teacher was scheduled to meet with the principal this afternoon.)
There's one person who is leading the charge.  She's a great mom and a former special ed teacher, and she has very strong opinions about how a classroom should be run. They're all great moms and lovely people, and I really like them all.  We go out for coffee once in a while, and we have a great time.  But I don't agree with how the situation is being handled.  To be fair,one of the moms has spoken  with the teacher and told her of her concerns, which is how all of this should have been handled, IMO. But it's starting to resemble a Queen Bee situation, and I cannot get behind that. Especially when it's affecting the classroom environment and all the teachers' ability to teach.
It's all very upsetting, for everyone.  And there's a part of me that wants to say "If you're THAT unhappy, explore other options!"
But that would only add to the drama and, I'm sure, make life more difficult all around.
Sometimes it's best to pick one's battles.

So I'll do what I can.  And may have to avoid going out for coffee for a bit.  Yeah, it sucks, but I REALLY want to save my sanity.

Speaking of which,my second group of students did their show yesterday.  They got hit with a collective case of the giggles in the middle of it, which only added to the fun, if you ask me.  They were great!!!!!!
And now I'm down from 6 jobs to 3.  Which is a heck of a lot more manageable, lol!

OK.  Off to have a dance party with my kids!

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Geosomin said...

"a funny thing happened on the way to the restroom"...that sounded like the start to a good comedy routine :)

Good for you for staying out of the politics. Sometimes even putting your toe in drags you right into craziness. When it's mom's and their kids it can only get more intense...

Sound like things are winding down a bit for you. I'm glad.