Tuesday, October 25, 2011


OK, part of me feels a bit ashamed when I read over my last post.  But part of me also remembers that this is a blog, not a news story, and that I'm entitled to my feelings and opinions on my own blog, even if I'm not always proud of them.  The fact is, that stuff had been eating away at me for a few weeks, and I needed to vent. I was tired of feeling beaten down and like a failure.
That's always been a big issue for me, as you can imagine: feeling as if I have the right to my own opinions and emotions without having to prove their validity to anyone else. Even the "bad" ones.  I won't go into all this again, suffice to say that I'm working on it and I'm PMS-y and cranky, lol!

On another, much nicer subject, did you happen to catch "60 Minutes" this week?  It was all about Steve Jobs, but the last story was about apps for autism on the iPad.  It's pretty amazing, how these assistive communication apps have literally changed peoples' lives. The old ones are heavy and expensive, usually only available at specialized schools, but the apps are available for, at the most, about $60. And now people who could never communicate before are doing so easily.  It's really amazing!  And I wonder if Steve Jobs had any idea that this could happen when he designed the technology.
So now we're saving up to get an iPad.  'Cause WG could DEFINITELY benefit from this!

Finally, I have the afternoon off.  No class this afternoon.  I taught Pilates this morning, and I think I'll take the kids for a walk later.  It's still gorgeous out, though not as hot as it was over the weekend.  We actually had a chance to take the kids to the pool.  Probably the last swim here until June, as the pool usually closes end of October.  Tomorrow is their big Halloween outing, and I actually have the ENTIRE day off on Friday, so I might go into the City for a few hours, just until I have to pick the kids up.  Maybe I'll meet Hubby for lunch!
It's funny, though: I guess my body knows I have the day off, because I fell asleep before I picked LG up from school, and I'm COMPLETELY unmotivated to work out today!  I suppose it's the first time in a while I haven't been plowing through, full steam ahead, so my system is taking advantage and forcing me to slow down.
Smart, this body o' mine.

OK, I'm off. Have a great night, everyone!

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Crabby McSlacker said...

Really, you felt ashamed about your last post? It actually seemed like a pretty reasonable exploration of frustrations & even a glimmer of hopeful new possibilities!

And where else but a blog to express your own opinions? I think blog posts are more interesting when they touch on the raw stuff. Good for you for exploring & not just shoving stuff aside and pretending everythings fine if it isn't.

Didn't see the 60 minutes but the apps sound fascinating!