Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Hello! Hello, McFly!

Sometimes I wonder what's going on in my brain.
OKOKOKOKOK: MOST of the time I wonder.
Case in point: the other day I went to Old Navy to check out their new active wear (Verdict: Meh.) and saw that they're hiring for the holidays.  My first thought was "Employee discount!  I should apply!"  Then I realized that, oh yeah, I'm already working at 6 different places.  And then there are those people I live with...um...oh right, my husband and children!  Who would like to see me every now and again.

I started my new Pilates class tonight.  Right after my weekly yoga class.  OK, I only had 1 student, but she really enjoyed it, lol!  And I think (I hope) that I was able to lock up the studio properly.  Yes, I had to call the owner when I couldn't find the light switch (it was hidden behind a very tall potted plant, shut up!), but I THINK everything else was in its place (knock wood). I'm such a worrywart though: I'll probably be up at 3 AM wondering if everything is OK at the studio.

I've also been watching soap operas again.  Not too much, just snippets here and there.  For a long time I thought they were basically harmless, but now I'm starting to wonder.  Not all of them.  OK, one in particular, which may or not be named later.  For one thing, the characters are scarily inappropriate with each other about details of their sex lives!  And while\ that's not dangerous, it's just kinda gross.  I mean, would you want your dad grilling you about whether or not you had sex with your fiancee last night?  EEEEEEWWWWWW!!!!!
But what I find really, truly, scary (and even sent an email to the producers, which I never do) is a storyline involving a love triangle.  2 women love the same guy.  One woman is engaged to him, but she wants to wait until they're married to sleep together. Fine, no problem. She also has a career, which keeps her busy.  The controversy?  The guy's dad doesn't like her because a) she's not having sex with his son (again, EW!) and, b) SHE HAS A CAREER.  Everyone complains that she's EMASCULATING him because she's not putting his needs above her own, not coming straight away when he beckons, not dropping everything the second he walks into the room, spending "too much" time at work.  And this IS dangerous!  These characters are in their 20's, a time when many people ARE busy establishing themselves, career-wise.  And the idea that a woman has to put her needs behind that of her fiance's is SO 1950's! What kind of message are they putting out there? Do they not know it's 2011?  Sure, women still earn 77 cents for every dollar earned by men, but aren't we past the idea that women have to prop their men up?  Aren't we beyond the idea that it's emasculating for a man to have a wife/girlfriend with a real career?  Heck, these days it's a financial necessity!

Anyway, the guy married the other woman, the one without as busy a job. (Who's also his father's ex-mistress and his ex-fiance's stepsister. Ah, soaps!)

Ah well.  Yet another reminder to turn the dang TV off. Really, the only things worth watching are baseball, "Masterpiece [Mystery, Classic, Contemporary], and "Doctor Who." The rest is fake reality, unfunny comedies, and dramas that aren't worth investing in because they'll probably be cancelled soon. Vast wasteland, indeed.  I'd rather listen to music, read, or take the kids for a walk.

OK.  Off to bed.  'Night!

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