Tuesday, March 8, 2011


2 posts in as many days?  What the hey?
I have the ENTIRE day off!!!!!! And since LG is home again from school, I'm hangin' out here with him. Gonna do some laundry, get ready for tomorrow's drama class, throw in a little yoga, then get in some quality reading time with the LG.  I think we'll do BOTH pirate books, the Animal Strike at the Zoo (It's True!), AND The Lamb Who Came for Dinner.  Good stuff!  We may even get through Pierre the Penguin (A True Story).

But first, some random post stuff:

I am once again teaching my mat class for the pre-school teachers at the JCC on Monday afternoons.
Which is quite nice.

This past Saturday I had 26 people in my mat class at Crunch.  The week before I'd had 30.  That makes me very happy!  I LOVE that class; the clients are so nice!

The mole on my dog's paw is getting larger, and she keeps licking it.  I'm worried.
She is 12 1/2, after all.
She also has yet another bladder infection.
And an ear infection.
Poor puppy!

Last night I dreamed that Lawrence O'Donnell (from MSNBC) and Bill O'Reilly (From Fox) went out to a pub in Manhattan together to celebrate St. Patrick's Day.  After a number of pints, they strolled the Upper East Side arm in arm singing sea chanteys.
I'm wondering, yet again, what the H my subconscious is trying to tell me.
I also realize it will take a while for me to see either of them without hearing :
"O, when yer sailin' 'round Cape Horn
(Heave away, Haul away)
Don't ya wish you'd ne'er been born
(Haul away Home)"

Last night, BEFORE said dream, Hubby and I had to cut WG's nails.  Fingers AND toes.  We dread it, because she hates it.  She fights and struggles and squirms and cries and kicks (have I mentioned how strong she is?) and wails like her little heart is breaking.
But last night...she didn't.  She cried a bit at first, when we worked on her toes, but she didn't fight.  And by the time Hubby got to her fingers, she was helping him out! Then he played music on his guitar for her and she started dancing with me!!!!!  LG was also in the room, and every once in a while he'd say "Stop singing, Daddy!"  (because he prefers to do the singing around here, thankyouverymuch), but only half-heartedly, because he knew his sister was enjoying it.
We have the most awesome kids!

Went to bed at 9.  Turned on the TV and was flipping around and found an old episode of "Law & Order: Criminal Intent" with Brent Spiner.  I LOVE Brent Spiner!  So I started to watch it.
But then I fell asleep.
Because, if you read yesterday's post, you know that I hadn't slept much the previous 2 nights.
Hubby watched, though.  I woke up a bit towards the end.
I think the daughter did it.
Killed the guy, I mean.
(And poured acid on his face.  Which was, I think, quite literally, overkill!)
So while Brent Spiner's character was a whackadoo, he wasn't a killer.

I've been reading some very good books lately.  Right now I'm reading "The Penny Tree" by Holly Kennedy. It came out 4 years ago, but I'm only now getting to it.
My "To Be Read" list gets longer and longer.
I've also read 3 books by Barbara O'Neal that I enjoyed immensely.  Good stories, happy endings, and recipes.  What more can you ask?
And the new Sarah Addison Allen book is coming out soon.
Love her!

Also love Artisana Cacao Bliss.  Raw chocolate and coconut.  Warm it up before you eat it.  Heaven! (I eat it  right off the spoon.)

OK.  I think I'm done rambling now.  If you've stuck with all this, thank you.
And I'm sorry.

Take care!


Geosomin said...

That is a really odd dream. I'd be so curious if they have a section on sailer songs in those dream interpretation books you can get!

I like that you use the word whackadoo...:)

Charlotte said...

Yay for all your good news! I'm bad at interpreting dreams so I'll leave those alone but I heart chocolate coconut butter! Have you ever tried making your own? Super easy! And way cheaper!

azusmom said...

I HAVE to try making my own! That Artisana stuff is yummy but $$$!