Monday, March 28, 2011

Oy! Such a Day!

Woke up at 4 AM and immediately started THINKING.   And that's NEVER good, lol!
To the soundtrack of  WG partying like a (half-pint) rock star in her room, I started Obsessing.

Would I get the job I interviewed for?  Did I WANT the job?  Would I have reliable enough childcare to TAKE the job?  Do I have enough energy to DO the job?  It's only 2 weeks, but it's a lot to take on, especially as LG will have started his summer vacation during the second week of this job.  And it's in the East Bay, which means driving over the bridge.
Every day.
But the main concern is childcare.
Oh, and the move.
Which got me thinking about long-term childcare for other jobs that may come up.
Which made me start worrying.
Because it is so ridiculously complicated.
Which made me wonder if I should be unemployed for a while after we move.
Knowing that after 2 days of said unemployment I would most likely throw myself out of the 3rd-floor window, just to have something to do.

And then, because I'm me, my brain went directly to all the worst-case scenarios it could envision.  And my brain may not be so good at things like math or peoples' names, but it's got a GREAT talent for worst-case scenarios!
And, of course, I forgot to do my yogic alternate-nostril breathing, which calms me down right away...when I remember to do it!  (Seriously, it's better than a sedative! Check out Sadi Nardini demonstrating it on YouTube; it'll change your life!)
Luckily, Hubby's alarm went off soon after.  He took one look at me and asked me what was wrong.  I explained the childcare rigamarole, and he completely understood.  Then he spent the rest of the morning (at least until 7:15, when he left for work) reassuring me that we'll work it out.
And we will!

I put WG on her bus and dropped LG off at school, where all the teachers save one in his classroom were subs.
(Not the ideal situation for a room full of autistic kids, but they made it through).
Then I went to San Jose for WG's IEP (an annual meeting with her teachers, therapists and team, to discuss her progress and set new goals).  It was great!
have I mentioned how much I ADORE her school, and all the people in it?
And the special ed director from our school district is going to talk to the special ed director in the district we're moving to about keeping WG at her school.  How awesome is that?!?!

Then it was off to the gigantic Whole Foods in Silicon Valley to buy me some vegan products:  I got cheeze, mock chicken salad, miso, hummus, and even treated myself to lunch at Gratitude Cafe, which is a raw, vegan  (hella expensive!) cafe inside the store.
It was YUMMY!!!!!!!!
Then it was off to the gym, to teach my Pilates class, after which I picked up LG from school and got WG off the bus.

Today was the first day of my 21-day vegan experiment.  I must say, I felt more satisfied than I usually do, and wasn't obsessing about my next meal.  I also have A LOT more energy right now than I usually do at this time of day.  I'm thinking of taking the kids for a nice walk, since it's so beautiful out and the days are longer.

And let me just add that feeling this good after very little sleep and a pretty crappy start to the day is kind of a miracle.  I don't know if it will last, if I'll become full-on vegan or more flexitarian, but if I feel good and I'm getting healthy and not obsessing over food, then I say this is one for the "win" column.

Oh, and after going over all my options, I'm still planning on going back to school for drama therapy.
As for the job, well, they haven't even offered it to me yet.  And I need more time to think.  But my instincts are telling me it may not be the best timing, and I might be stretching things too thin if I take it on.

But I'll let you know!

Take care, all!


The Merry said...

I can relate: my brain may not be able to automatically calculate the square root of 52165426, but damn it is good at thinking through worst case scenarios to the Nth degree.
And I automatically hate any job that requires me crossing a bridge twice a day. Even in Portland, where the bridges are relatively small. It brings on my bridge-o-phobia.

Geosomin said...

I hear ya...I know I'm overworking my brain when I have the strangest dreams. It's crunch time for me right now so I'm curious what my brain is going to come up with this time. :)