Monday, March 21, 2011

Hey You Kids, Get Off My Lawn!

That's who I'm turning into.  The crazy, mean neighborhood lady who yells at kids.
Not that I have a front lawn.
But I'm feeling somewhat Scrooge-like lately.   When I look at other peoples' vacation pix on their blogs, or hear a client complain about the difficulties of renovating their kitchen, I get cranky.
OK, let's be real: I get bitchy!

And I fall into the "poor me" syndrome.

"Poor me!  I haven't had a vacation in over a year-and-a half, so don't talk to me about yours!"
"Poor me!  I can't even afford to stay in my house, so don't complain to me that your custom-made drapes don't match the dishwasher!"
"Poor me!  I'm struggling financially, so don't complain to me that you don't feel rich with *ONLY* 5 million dollars!"
(OK, I think that last one is legitimate.)

Yes, it's true that I desperately need a break.  And I will take one in May, once the class I'm teaching (and show I'm co-directing) is over.  I'm taking a week-long stay-cation, getting subs for my Pilates classes.  I'll go for walks and bike rides and swims while the kids are at school.
Or maybe just nap.
I'll hang out at Barnes & Noble, take the dog to the dog park, and just chill as much as possible.

In summer we'll move, and we won't have to pour all our money into our house.  So I won't have to work quite as many hours outside the house. I won't be doing just about ALL the housework!!!!!!!  I'll have  help, and help with the kids.

So I just need to hang in there for another 2 months.

And stop grousing!


Geosomin said...

Oh I hear ya. I find it hard when friends complain to me about how they're busy and stressed, when to me, they've got NOTHING going on in comparison to my insanity...I've been finding the odd thing to try and keep sane. And feeling bad about complaining. Sometimes it works. Sometimes not...:)
Look after yourself! That's the important part :)

The Merry said...

My first job out of college, I ended up as the admin of an interior designer in San Mateo. Most of her clients lived in Hillsborough. One of them called up one day to scream at me. Why? Because the painting job in the ballroom was the wrong shade of mauve.
Some people want to complain. They don't let the fact that their worries are trivial stop them.

Charlotte said...

You can do this! Keep hanging in there girl - if it's one thing you are great at, it's surviving no matter what happens! Love you!

azusmom said...

Thanks, all!
Geo, you're life is SUPER busy! I admire your restraint in not smacking those complainers upside the head, lol!

Merry, you are SO right! Some people just need to complain. And sometimes the more they have, the more they have to complain about.
(I don't send much time in Hillsborough; I'm always afraid they're going to arrest me for driving a 10 year-old car in their neighborhood, lol!)

Charlotte, as always, you know the EXACT right thing to say to make me feel better! ((Hugs))