Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Getting sucked into political discussions on Facebook.  Staying awake and worrying over the state of the world. Letting others make me feel less than or even useless because they don't like or agree with the way I live my life.


Spending time on energy drains, whether they be people or things.


Feeling guilty because other people think I don't work as hard as they do.  They don't see me when I'm not with them.  They have no idea.  (For example, today:  Waking up at 4:30 AM, getting WG ready for occupational therapy while she pulled my hair and scratched.  Then getting LG up and dressed.  Dropping him off at school, taking her to O.T., then driving her down to San Jose for school.  Driving home to pick up LG, who had an abbreviated day, then taking him to HIS O.T.  Coming home to get WG off the bus.  Making them a snack.  Doing laundry, making dinner, taking the dog out, trying to get a workout in, giving both kids baths.  Getting ready for both of my classes tomorrow AND creating a lesson plan for an interview on Friday, for which I will drive to Oakland after teaching 2 Pilates classes, then drive home to pick up the kids.  After that, cleaning the house to get ready for Hubby's birthday on Saturday, when I also have a class in the A.M.)


Enough of letting others' opinions of me matter so much.  Enough of trying to get others to see a different P.O.V when they don't want to.

None of that is my concern.

Because I have enough to deal with.

So, enough.

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Geosomin said...

You are so right. Sometimes it's easy to let the things around you seep in and cloud up the things you do. It's hard to step back and keep doing all you do, when often noone knows just how much it is...

Keep going! You can do it :)