Thursday, January 13, 2011

Request For More Prayers/Good Thoughts

As you probably know, my F-I-L had a triple bypass in September.  Recently he'd been having some pain, so he went in for a stress test and, yesterday, and angiogram.  It turns out that only one of the three arteries they transplanted is actually working.  We're supposed to find out today what the plan is moving forward, but would you mind keeping a good thought for him?  And for my M-I-L?

(And to the radiologist who told my M-I-L that "there may be nothing more that we can do?" Yeah.  You're an a**hole!  Stick to reading x-rays and either learn how to talk to patients and their families or get another job, Jerk!)


Geosomin said...

You are in my thoughts and prayers.
Hopefully your doctor can be honest and forthright and they can work towards the best solution for your FIL.

Some people who work in hospitals need a boot to the head when they have no business making comments and statements like that...

azusmom said...

Thank you!

Yeah, some folks need to learn the definition of "bedside manner."

Charlotte said...

Oh sweetie - you and your family are in my prayers! You guys have been through so much lately!