Saturday, January 8, 2011

Decision Made. Sort Of.

So this is the plan: we will continue to live in our townhouse until the end of the school year, which includes summer school.  The we will re-evaluate where we are/how we feel.  If we feel OK, we stay for one more (school) year, then try to do a short sell of our home.  By then we will have lived here for 6 good years, and HOPEFULLY the economy will have improved enough that we can sell at a decent price.  Then we will move in with Hubby's folks.  We went over there today to spend some time.  Have I mentioned that they have a HUGE house with a yard?  And it's just the two of them living there right now.  Plus, my F-I-L is still recovering from his triple bypass.  From talking with them (and also my S-I-L) I get the feeling they're a bit lonely, and would really LIKE it if we moved in!
So I'm looking at the positives: aside from the massive amount of money we'd save (and be able to put into our anemic savings account), the kids would each have their own room, and we'd have a master bedroom with a bath.  About 8 years ago they did a major remodel on the house, adding a 3rs floor with a bedroom, sitting room, and a bathroom, which is theirs.  So we'd have their old room, which is very nice!
The house is in a quiet neighborhood which, nonetheless, is in walking distance to the downtown area.  We can walk to the bank, post office, grocery store, Starbucks AND Peet's, as well as little shops and restaurants.  And a farmer's market every weekend.  It is also just blocks from BART and CalTrain, as well as 2 major freeways. There's a reservoir nearby where we often go for walks, and the schools are terrific.

Ah yes, the schools:  I spoke to my son's teacher, who reminded me that LG only has 18 months of elementary school left.  Starting in the fall of 2012, he'll be in MIDDLE SCHOOL!!!!!!!!  How did THAT happen!  I feel like he's barely out of preschool!
However, her point was that at that juncture he'll have to move into a new school with a new teacher anyway, so that might be a good time to make the transition.
I also spoke with my daughter's school, and they told me they deal with this ALL the time: parents move from one district to another, and the kids are able to stay at the school!!!!!!  This was such a HUGE relief, I cannot even put it into words!

So, we're definitely moving.  The only question is when.  And now that the decision has been made, I have to say I'm not only relieved, I'm also quite excited.  Because the town we're moving to is a great one, and the kids will have not only stability, but will be surrounded by family.  We won't have the pool, but we also won't have a $400/month homeowner's fee or astronomical mortgage payments or property tax payments.  We'll pay rent to my in-laws, and that will help them, and it will be MUCH more manageable for everyone. We can help them with all the care of the house and errands and such.  Plus, we won't have to worry about them being all alone in that big house.  AND, the kids LOVE it there!

And maybe, finally, I'll learn to cook all that yummy Filipino food.

So that's that.  Now we have to get to work on getting rid of some of this STUFF!!!!!!

Anyone want a not-so-clean sofa/easy chair set in a few months?


The Merry said...

Alas, I don't know where I'd put a sofa. Or an easy chair. I love my house, but it isn't what you'd call large.

I'm glad that you've made a decision. Being on tenterhooks uses up a lot of psychic energy.

I went down to the peninsula to spend Christmas with the family. I still missing living there; it's a great area. But so @#!% expensive! I couldn't afford a shoebox-size condo.

azusmom said...

It's true! We moved here because, at the time, it was considered the best school district for special needs kids. (I think it still is, actually.) Plus, Hubby grew up here, and he turned out well, lol!
But, yeah, it is RIDICULOUSLY expensive!

Geosomin said...

It really sounds like things are falling in to place in the way they should be. I'm so glad that you can catch your breath now and look forward to all the cool new things coming. :)