Friday, September 18, 2009

"Toof" Update

The second of LG's permanent teeth started coming loose last night. Hubby was in school, again, so I called my mother (at 11 PM her time) and had a phone freak-out with her. Then I left ANOTHER message with the dentist and, before he had a chance to call back, had my SIL pick up WG so I could take LG to the local emergency room.
Unfortunately, there wasn't really anything they could do. So we picked up (a very much awake, at 10:30 PM) WG and went home. Hubby, meanwhile, had been home for a bit and was able to speak to the dentist. He referred us to Oakland Children's Hospital, which is where LG and I spent the entire day today. First in the emergency room (ERs at childrens' hospitals are NOT fun! All these poor little bunnies who are sick and unhappy!) (Oh, and the patient in the room across the hall had SWINE FLU!) and then in the dental clinic.
The dentist there had an idea that maybe there's been a slight trauma to LG's mouth recently that we didn't know about. Perhaps he fell at school, or while jumping on his bed (after we've told him NOT TO a billion times!), and just picked himself up, dusted himself off, and went on his way. Maybe that jarred his teeth a bit, and he just kept poking at them until they loosened up and one of them came out. Because, as the dentist pointed out, pulling out your own stable teeth HURTS! And LG hasn't been in pain.
LG also has a bad habit of using his teeth in ways he REALLY oughtn't; like opening water bottles. I've caught him doing that a few times, so who knows how many times he's tried it when no one was looking?!
The good news is, even if this second tooth comes out (he's on a strict regimen of soft foods and no-fingers-in-the-mouth for the next 2 weeks, until his follow-up appointment), he can have dental implants put in a few years down the road. And who knows what dental technology will be like then? Maybe we'll be able to grow teeth in a test tube and plant them in a human mouth! Maybe they'll be BIONIC! That'd be COOL!!!!!!
But until that time comes, he's still as handsome and adorable and sweet as can be. I just hope his sister, who just lost her first two baby teeth, doesn't decide to follow in his footsteps.
(Oh, and I had to miss my yoga teacher-training, but I can make it up another time.)


Charlotte said...

Oh good heavens. Poor kid. Poor you! I hope that's the last of his teeth to be injured:( Kudos to you on keeping your cool throughout it all!

azusmom said...

I did have some panicky moments, lol! I hope the rest of his teeth will be OK, too, thanks!