Tuesday, September 22, 2009

I Think The Universe is Trying To Tell Me Something

So between Toothgate, which forced me to miss my 3 classes last Thursday AND my yoga workshop on Friday, the cold I had over the weekend, the extreme exhaustion (I think from said cold), and then, this morning, pulling a neck muscle, I think I'm being told, in no uncertain terms, to TAKE A BREAK!
Up until last Wednesday, I was doing A LOT of working out, despite my resolution to ease up. Bikram yoga, 2x/week, teaching 4 or more Pilates classes (often teaching off the reformer), and doing CardioBarre or other barre-based workouts 1 or 2 times a week. And taking the kids to the pool.
So, yeah. Today I took a LOOOOOOONG nap, and it was GOOD, lol!
And tomorrow, I'll be teaching all my classes off of the reformer and off the mat.
Yup. I'm 40.

On the plus side, I have a brand-new blender! My Magic Bullet finally shuffled off its, erm, metal coil? So I ordered the Master Health blender, and we'll see how it goes. (Luckily it has a 30-day guarantee. Someday I may have a VitaMix, but not today.)
And, to end on a REALLY good note, in the past couple of days I've heard from 2 friends whom I haven't seen/spoken with in a very long time!!!!!! Through Facebook, of course!
OK, I'm off to brush the infamous Teeth. And to put away the dinosaur currently sitting on the bed. 'Cause it's plastic (did you think I meant a REAL dinosaur? I'm not THAT crazy. Yet.) and I keep poking my arm on its claws.


Charlotte said...

So the second tooth is still there? Yay! And good for you for taking a break. Whip up something relaxing in your new blender!!

azusmom said...

So far, so good on the tooth! I'll let you know about the blender, lol!