Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Oy! Such is Life!

Last night, after his bath, LG came up to me and said "toof out." I was kind of excited; another baby tooth coming out to make way for a permanent one! Except when he showed me which tooth was loose, I freaked.
Because it wasn't a baby tooth. It was one of the bottom front teeth, and it was a permanent one. It was loose and bleeding, and I called Hubby's phone and left a message saying "CALL ME AS SOON AS YOU GET THIS!!!!!!"
Suffice to say, it was a rough night. LG didn't sleep well and cried a lot, which woke up WG, who also started crying. The poor dog wanted to help, but ended up pacing the hallway nervously (her short legs, and lack of opposable thumbs, were a distinct disadvantage in this case).
This morning we got WG on the schoolbus and left to take LG to his dentist in the city. About two minutes out, I saw that the tooth had disappeared from his mouth. So we turned the car around and searched the house for the tooth, finally finding it in his pocket (?!?!?!) I then put the tooth in milk (it said to do that on the internet) and off we went.
After fighting rush-hour traffic, we arrived at the dentist's office. Only to cool our heels while he finished surgery on a two-year old. This dentist is very popular, and for good reason; he's AWESOME!!!!!! I had actually called him at 11:30 the night before to get advice, apologizing profusely for calling so late. He not only waved off my apology, he apologized TO ME, saying he normally didn't go to sleep that early!
Anyway, a valiant effort was made to temporarily replace the tooth until we could get to a specialist in the afternoon who would try and replace it permanently. It took 5 people to restrain and work on LG. Who then proceeded to rip the tooth right out of his mouth again. So then he had to be placed in restraints; it basically looked like a sleeping bag with heavy-duty velcro. Then they re-sealed the tooth. Let me tell ya, seeing my son in restraints, listening to him scream and cry, is NOT an experience I wish to repeat. Ever. But it had to be done. And they didn't like it any more than I did.
So then we had to spend the next 2 1/2 hours holding his tooth in place, so he wouldn't rip it out again. Because our appointment with the specialist wasn't until 2 PM, and Hubby had to drive back home, pick up WG from school, then come back and pick us up.
The staff was AMAZING! One of the assistants sat for the first 2 hours holding the tooth in place. The dentist and all the other assistants came in every few minutes to check up on him, and to tell him what a wonderful, brave, smart boy he is. Even when he was crying and saying "All done dentist!" (One even made a point of coming in to say goodbye before leaving for his lunch break.)
Eventually it was time to drive across town: the same assistant who had sat with us also walked us to the car, keeping the tooth in place. Hubby drove while I took over tooth-holding duties, then we came into the specialist's waiting room, where I filled out paperwork with one hand while still holding the tooth in place with the other.
Hubby and I switched duties on and off (alternating between tooth patrol and looking after WG). It took 2 more hours of waiting to see the doc, during which time my SIL (who deserves a medal) drove into the city to pick up WG and take care of her until we were finished.
Oh, and I should mention that I had to find last-minute subs to teach the 3 pilates classes I was supposed to teach today. And they were found! Including one instructor who threw her back out yesterday and called on her way home from the chiropractor to volunteer to teach the evening class!
OK, so the doc looked st the tooth, consulted with our regular dentist, and it was decided that, despite the brave efforts to save the tooth, it would have to come back out. Because the prognosis for the tooth itself wasn't good; even if they HAD restored it, it would probably only last 2 years, and then LG would have to have root canal. Plus, it could contaminate the surrounding teeth.
So, he's got a big ol' gap in the front of his mouth. We still have the tooth: one option is, in a few years, the dentist could cut it in half and try to re-plant it. but the best option seems to be putting a dental transplant in, eventually.
The weird thing (OK, weirdEST) is, none of us could figure out how the heck the tooth got loose and came out in the first place! 'Cause the ENTIRE thing came out, including the roots! (Sorry if this is grossing you out!) And the tooth was healthy.
But, apparently, LG wanted it out, and out it came. I'm just praying that it doesn't happen to anymore of his permanent teeth!
And I must say, that between the dental professionals, my SIL, and everyone at the Peninsula JCC, my faith in humaniy has been hugely restored!


Charlotte said...

What a traumatic day! I'm so glad that everything went as well as it possibly good in such a frustrating situation. That is SO WEIRD that his tooth just fell out like that. Poor kid - hope he's not traumatized when it comes to dentists now. And poor YOU. What a day!

azusmom said...

Yes, the past 3 days have been nothing if not eventful!