Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Ah, SpringAlmostSummer...

...when a young(ish) woman's fancies turn to...
cold viruses?
WG was sick the past 2 days. LG seems to be getting it, and Mommy now has it. Of course I wasn't sick during the past few days when I was off, I get sick NOW, when I have 5 classes to teach!
It's not THAT bad, it's just a cold. But my throat is sore and I have that sicky-week-kneed feeling. My body is tired.
Guess I can teach off the Reformer for those classes, but the mat classes will be a bit harder. And I can't find a sub at this point (especially since I'm already subbing some of the classes I'm teaching!). Plus, I kinda need the funds. I just won't touch or breath on any of my clients! I mean, it's not like it's Swine flu, right?
Is it bad that I'm teaching while sick? I've done it before. Besides, all my clients have kids. They're probably gonna get it anyway, right?

OK, on a completely different and MUCH more pleasant subject, I have a new celebrity crush. His name is Douglas Henshall, he (was) the star of the first 3 seasons of "Primeval," he's Scottish, he's talented, and he's adorable!
(What is it with Scotland? They just seem to grow 'em cute there! David Tennant, Gerard Butler, all those guys I met in Edinburgh... 'Course one could say the same about the entire U.K., as well as Australia. Keith Urban, Hugh Jackman, that guy sitting outside the cafe...)
In the past I would have felt guilty writing about this, being happily married and all, but Hubby is used to my celeb crushes at this point. I also know that his "ideal" woman would be a redhead with freckles who rides a motorcycle and rock climbs.
I am none of those things.
(He likes freckled redheads 'cause his first major crush, in 3rd grade, was a little girl with red hair and freckles. She liked him too, and they were friends. Alas, nothing ever came of it. But I think it's freakin' ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!)
(Oh, and he also thinks Ariel the mermaid is hot. Can't really argue there.)
I've been trying to catch up on episodes of "Primeval." I missed the first season 'cause the one time I turned it on to watch, they were battling huge mutant spiders. I have a thing about spiders. Especially huge, mutant ones, even if they are CGI. I'm afraid I was too scared to tune in again until recently.
But I saw the 3rd episode of the 3rd season the other day, in which Mr. Henshall's character is rubbed out. It was quite sad. But it also had these REALLY cute little creatures who, for once, weren't trying to eat anyone or claw their eyes out. And they were REALLY cute!
The good news is that there's a new lead character played by Jason Flemyng (the best part of "The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen": good cast, bad movie).

Wow. I just experienced a complete brain drain. Every single thought went right out of my head.
Of course, that's nothing new.
As (I think) I've said before here, I've got a case of mom-brain that's lasted for going on 8 1/2 years.
Yup. LG is turning 8 next month. And then I'm turning 40. And WG will be 6 in November. It really does fly by. I've been looking at baby/toddler photos of the kids, and I wonder where the time went. And now I'm making myself horrendously sad, because time seems to go by faster and faster. It's not that I want to be 20 again (God forbid, lol!) or even 30. I just want to be able to savor the moments. Because it really is the little things that make up a life. Like yesterday, when I was sitting in bed, and WG came over and put her head on my shoulder. Or when I went to check on LG in the tub, and he looked up and said "Hi Mommy" in that cute little voice of his! With his entire body submerged in bubbles, just his little face peeking out.
Even just getting to sleep next to Hubby every night. And the way the dog waits until we're all tucked in before coming upstairs. She makes sure we're all safe and sound before she goes to sleep.
It's those moments that reassure me that I've made some good choices in recent years. When I was younger it was all about the work, and my ego. Now, I'm glad I stepped off the path I'd been following. I may never be on Broadway, or make scads of money doing TV or films, but I have a life I love, with people who love me back.

And I can feel Dad hovering. In a good way. Watching over us and reminding us to wear a hat, lock the door, turn off the stove, laughing at the kids' antics. (Like the other day, when Hubby told LG he could have noodles when both hands of the clock were on the 12, and LG climbed up on a stool and tried to change the clock!)

So, I'll take it. This life of mine. Cold viruses and all.


Charlotte said...

This: "Now, I'm glad I stepped off the path I'd been following. I may never be on Broadway, or make scads of money doing TV or films, but I have a life I love, with people who love me back." is the most beautiful thing I have read all day! (PS> Sorry about all the sickies...)

azusmom said...

We're getting better. Some of us more slowly than others, lol!

Crabby McSlacker said...

Hope you feel better soon!

And I am such a fan of Scottish, English, or Irish accents--young or old, hot or not, male or female! So I can totally relate to your celebrity crush.