Thursday, October 27, 2016

Updates and Party Planning

So Pup LOVED her new vet, and the feeling was mutual.  <3 2="" and="" br="" fell="" give="" he="" her="" in="" injections="" let="" love="" nasal="" nbsp="" one="" she="" spray.="" staff="" take="" temperature="" them="" whole="" with="">

Halloween is almost upon us.  My favorite holiday.  Even though we don't get trick-or-treaters here.  We're on a dark cul de sac, and even my past efforts at decorating and turning on every light in the house (and buying the GOOD candy) hasn't been enough to lure the kiddies over.
Can't blame them.  We're at the top of the hill, and it's pretty darn dark and dreary.

Ah well.  The kids have parties at school, and maybe we can walk around the neighborhood or go to the Potrero.

Or I'll just go to yoga, lol!
(Yes, I'm back to yoga, and feeling so much better! Physically AND mentally.)

WG's birthday is also coming up.  She loves music and dancing, so we've decided on a disco theme.  I'm going to make cupcakes with sprinkles, and we'll order good food.  Then dance the night away. Well, until 9 PM...

The alternative medicine continues to work its magic.  We're seeing a little bit of improvement in LG, as well.  It truly is a miracle drug, and should be available everywhere.  Hopefully it soon will be.

OK, gotta get WG out of the tub.  Sayonara!

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