Wednesday, October 12, 2016

The Most Wonderful (?) Time of the Year.

Sorry, been a bit crazed lately.  My mom was in town last week, and then I got a really nasty cold, which I'm just now getting over.  October/November seems to be the time of year for me to get sick.

But I do LOVE October.  Always have.  Growing up in New England, it was, of course, the time for foliage. In California we don't get a whole lot of that, but it's still beautiful.  And, of course, Halloween is coming.  I LOOOOOOOVE Halloween!!!!!!!!
The best place to celebrate Halloween in San Francisco is, in my opinion, an area called the Potrero. One of our favorite spots.  If we can get the kids to go along, we'll head there this year.  Lots of creative people (and dogs) wearing terrific costumes.

Otherwise, life continues on apace.  We've started giving LG the same medication as WG.  His anxiety manifests itself in different ways, but it's anxiety, nonetheless.  We spoke about it at his IEP last week.  It's so good to know that all of their teachers love and care for them so much!  We're so lucky!

And, apropos of nothing, can I just say how happy I am that high-waisted pants are back in style?  After 16 years of low-rise tyranny, we can (quite literally) breathe easier again.

OK, I need to lie down.  I'm not quite fully recovered.

Talk soon, m'dears!

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