Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Slow and Steady...IS REALLY ANNOYING!!!!!!!!

One week after TCFH (The Cold From Hades), I'm still congested, coughing, and exhausted.
And cranky.
I haven't been to yoga in a week and a half.  Last night I did a 15-minute online practice, and that just about did me in.  No yoga + no long walks = Unhappy Mommy.

But then WG comes and hangs out with me, and wants to have a dance party, and all is well again.

And, if you gotta be sick, it's awfully nice to have a warm pet to take naps with.

And I HAVE been sleeping A LOT, which is sort of nice.  Unusual.

Tomorrow I go to my chiropractor, which is also nice.  And then the pup and I will go to her new vet.  She doesn't like to ride in the car, and the old vet was in the city, a good 30-minute drive.  This one is within walking distance.  Hopefully they will click.  Of course, she's the most perfect pup in dogdom, so I can't imagine that they won't.

We're in that time of year that I absolutely love.  Autumn in California may not be quite the same as autumn in New England or New York, but it's beautiful, just the same.  I love the light in the late afternoon. Of course, because it's California, the temperature today was about 75 (fahrenheit) rather than 10 or 20 degrees cooler.  Which I've finally gotten used to.
After 22 years.  :)

OK, gotta go lie down again.  Who knew blogging was so tiring?  ;)

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