Friday, November 4, 2016


Sorry I haven't written in a while.  I've been going through an emotional roller coaster with this election.  It's psychological torture! It's probably against the Geneva Convention...
Seriously, there has GOT to be some kind of limit on how long an election season can go on.

Thankfully I'm back to my regular yoga practice, and on my meds.  I've also deleted my Facebook account and am avoiding cable news as much as possible.  Which is why I can still put a basic sentence together, and also why I'm not sitting in a padded room.

Not that there haven't also been good things: the Cubs winning the World Series! "Doctor Strange" is out.  Halloween was really fun!  Even though we didn't make it to the Potrero. (WG had a rough day, so she stayed home with Hubby in her nice warm room, listening to her music, while LG and I walked around the neighborhood.)

Sunday is WG's birthday, and the party is Saturday.  We're doing a disco theme, with a dance party and Mexican food.
And then the Pacquiao fight.  :)

Oh, and something weird but quite wonderful happened the other day: We got a BIG box of healthy dog food and treats delivered to our home, and we have NO IDEA who sent it.  There was no receipt, no return address, and even Amazon didn't know who it was from.

Our puppy has an angel!

Anyway, it's Friday evening, and I'm going to chill with kids and dog while Hubby is at the rock climbing gym.  Have a great weekend!

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