Thursday, September 1, 2016

Hoo Boy!

Rough night last night, with anxiety keeping me awake.
This morning I asked Hubby "What do we do if So-And-So is elected president?"  and he said "We roll with the punches."
Which, really, is all we CAN do.  I mean, we can be active, and work to help those who need it, but we can't go back in time and change election results.  (Even if we could, should anyone have that power?  :) )
I also spoke with WG's teacher and the school director this morning, to let them know of our plans.  And they reminded me that if I ever need to talk or have any questions, they are ALWAYS there.
Sometimes I forget that.  We are SO lucky to have them!

We have an appointment for WG with a very experienced doctor in Berkeley.  He works a lot with kids on the spectrum, and everyone I've spoken with who uses this particular treatment sees him.
Here's hoping we can afford it.  :)

I also have an appointment, finally, to get new headshots.  And there's a nearby theater that's doing lots of female-centric shows next year, so I'll be sending my new photo (along with my old resume) to them.

And I'm (hopefully) getting back on Zoloft next week.

So, we'll see how it all goes.

Onward and, hopefully, upward.

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