Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Entering the Twilight Zone

No, not the one with shimmery, angst-ridden vampires.  (Seriously, how can they POSSIBLY consider themselves superior to humans when they have to spend eternity in high school?!?!?!?)
The world of legal-here-thankfully-but-unfortunately-not-yet-everywhere medication.

Yesterday we took WG to a doctor who specializes in this kind of treatment, and he has given us a prescription.  Tomorrow Hubby will go to a place in the city that dispenses such medication.  And then the try, try again begins.  By all accounts, it'll take a few cases of trial and error to get the right mix for her.

But I'm also incredibly excited and optimistic about it.

And I feel so very lucky that we live in a place where it's available, where we have one of the top doctors in the world for it, (seriously, people come from all over the planet to see him!), that this was suggested by her TEACHER, and that we've had offers to help us pay for it.

When I was in my early 20's and working at the Shakespeare festival, one of my housemates was our costume designer.  He's originally from Alabama, and there's just something ethereal about him.  One night, he offered to read the Tarot for all of us, and we agreed.  Just for fun.
When he read mine, he closed his eyes and said "Alyssa, you are surrounded by angels!"

And y'know what?  I think he's right! My maternal grandmother passed away when I was quite young, and the morning after she passed I woke up early and felt her beside my bed.  And I've often felt other...beings around me.  And, of course, for the past few years, my dad.

There have been many, MANY times when I've done REALLY stupid things, and I'm convinced that someone, or a number of someones, have intervened to save me from myself.  I've always said that if I have a guardian angel, s/he should be given overtime and hazard pay.  Luckily, I seem to have an entire team.  :)
They also seem to be watching over Hubby and the kids.

So, trying to focus on all the good.
Because there's a lot of it.  :)

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