Thursday, September 8, 2016

Good Doctors!

Not the one WHO flies the TARDIS, but the ones I saw yesterday.  The medical practice I used to go to has shut down, so I went to a new place.  It was my first visit, and the medical history review, exam, labs, EKG, and prescription took 40 minutes.  They were quick, competent, and thorough.
Oh, and all women, which I think is kinda cool.
AND one of the best coffee chains in the world (Philz) has a store 2 doors down.

I'm back on Zoloft.  Just started it yesterday evening. I'm being eased back on, so I won't take a full dose for the first week.
The first time I went on it (2002), I got skinny.  The next time (2008), I got fat.  This time I'm kinda hoping it'll be just right and I'll stay where I'm at.  (Although, if it wants to flatten out my stomach a bit I certainly won't complain...)

On another topic entirely, have I ever mentioned how much PAPERWORK is involved with having 2 autistic kids?
Because, lately, it feels like that's pretty much how I spend 90% of my time; filling out paperwork.  Doctor's forms, Medi-Cal renewal applications, Medi-Cal NEW renewal applications (as in "We've changed the paperwork so can you please fill in these 400 new pages and have it back to us by next week otherwise you won't get your benefits"), Pre-IEP forms, post-IEP forms, IPP forms, re-application (every year) for school, applications for camp/swim clinic/pool privileges...the list goes on and on.
Seemingly endlessly.

It's all worth it, of course.  I just worry about the trees...

And my hand.

Speaking of which, I'd best get back to it.  See ya!

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