Monday, April 29, 2013

Feeling MUCH Better

Some days are just...UGH!
And other days are better!

My M-I-L is fine, thank goodness!  It's a cyst, but benign.  WHEW!

We're gonna buy a juicer.  I'd been thinking about it for a while, but this scare has pushed me off the fence.  Because even with the best case scenario, we could all use a little more healthy stuff in our bodies. And I think LG might actually get more veggies in him if he can drink them.  (I'm not quite as worried about WG, especially after she ate 5 BOWLS of salad last night!!!!!!!!)  I've chosen the one we'll get, which many have said is perfect for those of us who are juicing virgins.

I'm not saying I want to convert my meat-and-white-rice-loving in-laws into vegan yogis, but they're already eating more fruits and veggies, and this can only help.
(I WOULD love to get them on a Pilates reformer, but, well, one step at a time.)

I must say that the EFT has, in 4 weeks, helped me attain a much better, different, perspective.  My stress levels are down, and feeling the way I did  the other day has become a less-common occurrence.  I'm even liking my body more, despite the fact that I have yet to lose a pound.

I'm back to my Monday morning alignment-based vinyasa yoga class.  I've missed it! That, along with Spin, walking, and lifting heavier weights, is helping me feel better, as well.

The other night Hubby and I had a LOOOONG talk.  Just about Stuff.  Y'know, Life, the Universe & Everything.  We hadn't talked like that in years, and it was GREAT!  One of the (many) things we both agree on is that getting out of LA. was the best move we could have made.  We still have friends there who, at our age (early to mid-40's) are convinced their Big Break is just around the corner.  But Hollywood is mostly a young person's game.  As much as I like them, and as talented as they are, the stardom thing just isn't gonna happen if it hasn't by now.  But it's SO EASY to get caught up in that mentality, and so many people put their lives on hold, waiting for it.  Until they wake up one day and realize most of their life has passed them by.
No thank you.

I'm sure, when my dad was my age, he didn't believe that more than half his life was already over.  That he would have less than 30 years left.  None of us knows how much time we have, and I spent too much of mine caring about what other people think and catering to people who either didn't matter to my life or could never be satisfied.
All Done.
Time to live my life.

Live well, love m y family, and appreciate what is.


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Geosomin said...

So glad to hear your MIL is alright.

Ans you are so right! Life is here to be lived and enjoyed. The journey is the adventure :)