Tuesday, February 26, 2013

I'm Free! FREEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!

This is the time of year, around these parts, when everything gets a nice little coating of pollen.  Ah yes, allergy season has arrived!
And with it, the need not only for Claritin (adult and chewables), but finding the right timing for administering it.  Ideally, the kids get their dose at night, right before bed. However, Sunday night I forgot, which means that all this week they get it before school.  Because I can't send them to an entire day of learning without it. Especially WG.  San Jose is even worse than here.  So we'll have to readjust over the weekend.

It also can mess with their sleep.  Both Saturday & Sunday, LG was up in the middle of the night.  Yesterday was a bit rough.  Not horrible, but challenging.  Seeing as he woke up at 3 AM, it was expected, and I warned his teachers.
But I managed to get them off to school, do the grocery shopping, clean the fridge, get to yoga, take a walk, take them to the park, cook dinner and get the dishes done before I collapsed.  LOVE it when that happens!  19-hour nonstop day?  No problem!  (Yeah, right!  Who am I trying to kid?)

However, I am able to do all of those things because both kids are in school and everyone's back on their regular schedule.


I've also learned more stuff over the past few days.
Ashtanga yoga makes me REALLY sore!  I think that's the real reason they call is "Mysore."  As in "my sore butt!  My sore legs!  Even my sore hair follicles!"
I went for a walk because I knew if I stayed sitting down my muscles would simply freeze up.  And then I took a warm bath.  I may need to coat my entire body in mentholated gel.
And then work out again, because otherwise it's just gonna get worse.

In sad news, it looks like I have to completely give up my beloved pizza.  Or at least find a way to veganize & gluten-free it, which I know can be (and has been) done.  Because eating it as is literally makes me sick.  Even one slice.  I regret it for hours afterwards.  Stomach cramps just aren't worth the momentary pleasure.
Same with pasta.  Unfortunately, even the gluten-free kind.  Even Shiritaki noodles.
(But, hey, there's always spaghetti squash!)

It's funny: I don't think it's the gluten per se: I can eat meat substitutes made from gluten without issue.  It really seems to be bread and pasta. Maybe it's the way they're digested. I'd been eating whole wheat for years without issue, but now it has become one.  Same with dairy.  Although, actually, I DID have issues with dairy earlier on...Is this more than you need to know?
On the other hand, not being able to rely on those staples will force me to be more creative.  And maybe even get the kids to be a bit more adventurous.  Maybe?

But, with the bad, there's also good news.  Hubby's aunt, who lives nearby, has a pool at her apartment complex.  She and her family never use it, and she says hardly ANYONE ever does.  So when it opens up for the season, we can have the key!!!!!!  Apparently it's a really nice pool, too.  We'll have access to a pool again!  YAY!!!!!! One they can actually swim in!

Also, tonight we finally get to see "Parade's End" on HBO.  It was co-produced with the BBC, which aired it back in September, I think.  It's an adaptation of the Ford Maddox Ford (so nice they named him twice?) novel, adapted by Tom Stoppard (!!!!!!!!), and starring Benedict Cumberbatch.
I believe I've mentioned my slight obsession with WWI epics.  This takes place before and during the war.  It's in 5 parts: 2 tonight, 2 tomorrow, and the final episode on Thursday.

It'll be nice to be relax in front of the TV & actually engage the brain again.
Especially after the endless awards season.
And particularly after the Oscars.  I always feel a vague need to shower after watching them, but this year  even more so.
Although I did LOVE the "Sound of Music" bit.
And I liked Ben Affleck's speech.
And the musical numbers.  Adele is a goddess, and Shirely Bassey?!?!?!  OMG!  76 years old and putting the rest of us to shame!

I think they were going for irreverent, but ended up with irrelevant.   (Ya see what I did there?!  Huh?! Huh?!?!)  I'm just a little tired of frat boy humor.  Especially coming from a 39 year-old directed at a 9 year-old. It'd be one thing if Hollywood weren't already so tough for women,  this was just reinforcing it all.  Yes, you're brilliant, talented, and work hard but all we care about are your boobs! The sad part is, that's completely true. It just felt like that attitude was being reiterated rather than mocked.
Some people say "Those actresses CHOSE to go naked."  Well, not really. There isn't really a choice.  Not if you're female and you want to work.  At some point, if they're established enough, they can refuse.   But most women's careers don't last that long in front of the camera.  Sure there are exceptions.  But that's just what they are: exceptions.  And the fact that a number of the scenes he pointed were rape scenes makes it worse.
Feel free to disagree.  I'm stating MY opinion.
But I'll say this, it's an opinion based on my experiences as an actress living in Hollywood. Who has female friends who are successful, working, and still being treated like garbage. So it's not an opinion formed in a vacuum.

Wow.  I just completely bummed myself out (no pun intended.  AAARRGHGH!!!! Frat boy humor!) I think I'd better go do something empowering.

Have a great day, all!

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Geosomin said...

I was totally underwhelmed with the Oscars (didn't catch all of it). It sort of seems like a mutual backrub party...there is so much crazy involved in that level of fame and acting that I am amazed that people can navigate through it all and still come out on the other end sane. I applaud people like Ben Affleck who seem to have the "real" life as a part of their career.

Hope your bum recovers. It's always the muscles in the wierd places that get ya isn't it? :)