Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Spin, Spin Away!

The Spin bike is here!!!!!!
It arrived yesterday.  While I bathed the offspring Hubby set up the bike. I immediately hopped on, logged onto YouTube on my iPhone, and away I went.
It was awesome!
I then picked up my weights and did some lifting, along with a few Pilates exercises.  This was after a 2-hour walk along the beach with Hubby & the kids.
(On a side note, I think we saw every breed/combination of dog known to humankind.  SF is a GREAT city to be a dog in!)
It was an absolutely gorgeous day, and we all had it off.  So we went to Crissy Field, hiked over to the beach, and made our way to the pier.  It's so beautiful there, right by the GG Bridge.  I also took a picture of a pelican, who I swear was posing!  He was gorgeous, and if I can figure out how to do it, I'll post the photo.

Today it was back to school/work.  A VERY busy day, ending in a near-coronary for me when I went to check in on WG and couldn't find her.  She'd been in her room, but when I went back in I didn't see her.  After searching the house & yard, my S-I-L found her curled up in the corner of her bed, under all the blankets.  Which was odd, because I re-made the bed and swear she wasn't in it!  Of course, she can't answer when we call, and it's a big house, which makes it all the more difficult.
We have one of these scares every few months, it seems (see earlier posts about LG getting out of the townhouse.  Repeatedly.), and I'm not sure how many more my heart can take.  It's been over an hour and I'm still shaking a little bit.

So, yeah.  That bell idea is seeming better every day.

It's now nearly 11:00 PM and time for me to go to bed.  I will post further on my indoor cycling adventures. The way I see it, if I hop on that puppy 3-4 times a week, the remaining extra fat on me doesn't stand a chance!

G'night, all.

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Geosomin said...

Cool...the bike sounds awesome.

Glad you found WG safely. My mum used to give us whistles on lanyards when we played at the beach or the lake and then she could call out our names and we whistled back she knew where we were. I used to think it was dumb, but I' beginning to see the logic in it...