Sunday, November 25, 2012

Climbing Out of the Primordial Ooze

Otherwise known as Getting Out Of The House.  Not always easy with 2 young, active, curious offspring.  But I did it today. I had to, otherwise said offspring, plus their male parental unit, would have witnessed the Ultimate Mommy Meltdown.
Hubby worked on Friday, then went to his rock climbing gym.  The kids were off, and WG decided to channel LG when he was 4.  Suffice to say I spent the entire day chasing after her and getting there just a little too late, followed by my cleaning Stuff up off the floor.  (Water, dog kibble, shards of various broken things, and, in the highlight of my day, poo.)
They have a 2-week vacation coming up.  I honestly don't know how I'm going to survive it.

Yesterday, after teaching my class, we took the train into the City and hiked around for 2 hours.  Mostly uphill.
We all slept REALLY well last night!

Today I took the day off.  I left the house at about 9:45 AM, sat in Starbucks and read, then did things I wanted to do.  All at a very slow pace. Including signing up for a series of 3 classes at The Dailey Method.  Which is similar to Bar Method, which is similar to Callanetics, which is similar to Lotte Berke.  I have some DVDs by all of the above, but there are some exercises that are done in class not done on the DVDs.  Plus, I REALLY want to get out and see other grown-ups!
The next 2 weeks will be quite busy: Dec. 6th is the performance for Midnight Shakespeare, so we have quite a bit of rehearsing to do.  Much time will be spent in San Jose. I'm also in the final stretch of my Pilates classes.  So getting out and doing some barre/yoga classes with other people will be a good thing.
In 3 weeks, the kids begin their above-mentioned vacation AND my mom is coming out to visit.  I'm going to need all the calming, deep-breathing, stress-reducing stuff I can find.

On a completely different subject, last night was my (gulp!) 25th high school reunion!  I didn't go, as I'm on the other side of the country, and traveling 5,000 miles on Thanksgiving weekend less than 2 weeks before a performance AND leaving the kids with Hubby was just not feasible.  I'm sure a good time was had, and I look forward to hearing stories/seeing pictures.
I also realized yesterday that as of Jan 2nd hubby and I will not only have been married for 12 years, we'll have been together for 18!
18 years!!!!!
Where the hell did my 30's go?
Oh, right.
Spent in a sleepwalking haze of diaper changes, 3 AM feedings, baths, preschool, therapies...
All TOTALLY worth it, it's just that I kinda feel like I lost a decade of my life.
Literally.  Because I can barely remember it.
And it seems like time is speeding up.  There's no way top stop it or even slow it down.
Well, I suppose I could crash a faculty meeting at a university somewhere.  That'd make time go slowly.  But I'd just end up gnawing my own limbs off from boredom (thank you, again, Douglas Adams, for that visual).
So I'll take the usual path.  Just living every day as it comes, and trying to be a decent homo sapien.  Time, after all, waits for no one.

And on THAT cheery note, I'm gonna go rassle up some grub for the fruits of my loins.
G'night all!

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Geosomin said...

reunions are a lot of fun. I skipped my 10 year but ended up going to my 20 year and had a blast. It's funny meeting up with people many years later when you've all settled into yourselves comfortably and everyone a little larger and happier. :)
Sorry about the poo...I can only imagine. :) I just get cat-sick around this end of the world...