Friday, February 24, 2012

Le Sigh

Our minivan has officially kicked the bucket.
We could spend $6,000 and repair it, but it would probably only run for another year, at most. Better to take that hard-earned 6 grand and put it towards a new (or used) car.
So right now we're using my in-laws' car, a 27 year-old Mercedes in mint condition that I'm paranoid about driving. But, hey, it runs well and it's roomy!
We also need to get the washing machine fixed, and earlier Hubby went out to Costco to buy a new paper  shredder.  Oh, and the kids are on vacation this week, to boot. I'm still working, but Hubby, thank G-d, took the week off.  I would have had to cancel my private clients if he'd been working.

It looks like we've been given a 30-day reprieve, as far as moving, perhaps more.  We ended up with 15 offers on the house, and we've signed off on a couple, which will now go to the bank.  The auction has been postponed while the bank decides which, if any, of the short sale offers it will accept.
I think we've finished showing the house.  Which was a mixed blessing: obviously, the more people who viewed it, the more potential offers.  But having strangers traipse through your home, while you still live there and the kids are home from school, is really not fun. And the poor dog was about to have a nervous breakdown!  She does NOT like strangers around her kids, lol!

Another decision was made this: since the acting/voice teaching thing is slow, I'm going to take an orientation for Spinning instructors.  We have an instructor email hotline for one of the gyms I work at: if someone needs a sub, they put out an email and it goes to all the instructors.  It seems that the Spin classes are the ones most often in need of subs.  I LOVE Spinning, and I figure I'll do the orientation then take as much time as I need to increase my endurance and prepare for the exam. Then I can sub, make a little more money,  AND do something else I enjoy.

This morning, after working with my client, I did a fast-paced workout on the Reformer.  I did all the moves I usually do in an hour in 30 minutes.  Got my heart pumping AND worked my muscles, and it was really fun!  I have a half hour between the end of my session and the beginning of the next group session, so maybe I can take advantage of that more often.  Maybe I'll even work up the courage to use the jump-board...

Finally, I have to say I have thoroughly enjoyed having the kids and Hubby home all weeks.  We've gone ice skating, walking, rollerblading, and taken multiple trips to the playground. And the weather has been like summer!  I'm sitting here right now wearing a tank top!
Speaking of which, we're off to the park for more playtime/rollerblading/skateboarding/etc.

Have a fabulous weekend!

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Geosomin said...

a tanktop? So jealous. We're due for a blizzard tonight!

Being a spin instructor sounds really cool. Yay for you!

I'm glad you're having a nice week off with the family. Hope you can find a new putt putt soon...