Wednesday, July 20, 2011

What the What What?!?!

Man, I really AM getting older!  If the extra weight, gray hairs and wrinkles were a subtle clue, the past few days were a sledgehammer to my thick head.
On Monday I DID NOT do yoga OR take the kids to the pool.  I sat on the couch and even fell asleep there for a bit.  Yesterday I managed to get to the grocery store and post office.  We even took the kids to the pool.  I swam for a whopping 10 minutes, then retired to the hot tub.  I have just had ZERO energy.  My recovery time from last week is a whole lot longer than I thought it would be.  Luckily I'm feeling less sludge-like today.  I'm going to take LG to the pool this morning and teaching a class tonight.  I'm off tomorrow, then teaching again on Friday and Saturday.
I must say that this, well, it sucks.  To be THIS tired after hosting 2 birthday parties.  Well, that and working.  And taking care of the kids.  But honestly, it feels like I'm 197 years old! I'm 42!
I realize that some people just naturally have more energy.  Hubby, for example.  He can get 4 hours of sleep, then go work a full day at the VA clinic, rock climb for 5 hours, then go have a beer with his buddies without suffering any ill effects.  It's SO not fair!  Plus, he still looks about 15 years younger.  He has a lightening-fast metabolism , too boot.  I, on the other hand, have a metabolism that moves as quickly as a turtle on sleeping pills, look every day of my age, and need at least 8 hours to function at a basic level.
And I STILL have Mom Brain, lol!

On the other hand, I did do ALL the planning and set up for the first party, and 99% of it for the second party. And I subbed a class on Saturday, before the big bash, as well as teaching my regular class.  And did a good chunk of the house cleaning. (Hubby did a thorough vacuuming job, bless him!)  I think I'm going to need more help, from here on out, in setting up any festivities.

Another lesson learned.  It may take a virtual sledgehammer to the head, but I DO learn eventually!

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