Monday, July 18, 2011

So. Tired.

This was Thursday:
Wake up, feed WG, make her lunch/snack, get her on the bus.  What is the Dog doing?  OK, gotta go clean that up.  Wake up LG, feed him his birthday breakfast, sing "Happy Birthday" (which he hates), give him lots of hugs & kisses (which he tolerates), and tickles (which he loves). Then it was off to school, armed with gluten-free, non-dairy "cream"-filled cupcakes.  After dropping him off, I went to the gynecologist (yay.) for my annual, then to my favorite new coffee place for a well-deserved mocha.
Off the the grocery store to order a cake big enough for 15-20 people for the party on Saturday (26 cupcakes shaped like a swimming pool!) and some snacks for same. Home to put everything away, then back to school to pick up LG.  Home for lunch, get WG off the bus, then we left for Bounce U, where we met up with my S-I-L, LG's teacher, and some of the kids from his class for 90 minutes of jumping and sliding.  After a snack, we all went our separate ways.  Home again for dinner, then off to the pool for an hour.  Finally, baths, brushing teeth, and a face-plant into our pillows for the next 8 hours.

Friday, kids to school, me to couch.  Failure to clean house despite having the entire day off.

Saturday, taught 2 classes in the morning, then picked up food & cake, Hubby & I cleaned the house.   16 people arrived for the party, and much fun was had by all.  We took the kids to the pool for 90 minutes, as well.

Sunday:  Hubby & kids drop me off at an actual, real live movie theater so I can see "Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows, Part 2."  The first movie in a theater I've seen in 5 years.  Holy canolis, they show COMMERCIALS now?!?!?!  In the movie theater?!?!?!  That blows!  Luckily I have my crack, er, Kindle, so I can ignore them.
Also, my calves are killing me.  I am so sore all over!  Realize, yet again, that I am no longer 25.

Hubby & kids pick me up, and we head over to the in-laws' place, where Hubby has been cleaning out the yard to make room for a storage shed.  After a while, including playtime with the pups and shopping at Trader Joe's, we head home.  Dinner, some quiet time, then it's off to bed after a fun, if exhausting, weekend.

Now it's Monday morning.  The Dog woke me at 3 AM to do some business, and I had trouble falling back asleep.  And a WHOLE lotta trouble waking up, but I did it.  WG is at school, LG is on vacation, and we're waiting for the cable guy to show to make a few adjustments to our service.  Later I'll so some yoga, then tonight maybe we'll take the kids to the pool again.

And maybe we'll go to bed early.

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