Monday, June 6, 2011

The Blues and Seeing Red

Maybe it's all the foggy, rainy weather (hello, climate?  Um, It's June!  In CALIFORNIA!!!!!!), but I've been a bit blue.  And seeing red.  Perhaps also a bit green with envy in some instances?
(And isn't it interesting how we attach colors to emotions?  Tickled pink.  Sunny, happy yellow.  Feeling gray and blah.  Etc.)
I've been craving chai lattes.  With soy or almond milk.  Very specific, that.  (And I really, really, really REALLY don't think it's a you-know-what craving.  Fervently praying it's NOT!  I REALLY don't think it is.) I've also discovered a new Godiva chocolate bar: Vanilla Sundae.  Dark chocolate with vanilla truffle cream inside.  And it is YUM-MY!!!!!!!!  Apparently they have a whole line of ice cream-inspired chocolate, and this is one of them.  The only one I've tried thus far.
And, can I say, a piece of that together with a chai latte?  Heaven, lol!

I've also been thinking about what to get Hubby for Father's day.  It won't be nearly as good as what he got me (my beloved Kindle), but I gotta do SOMETHING.  I was thinking of buying him the entire series of "One West Waikiki" on DVD,  which was the show he was on in the early 90's, but it's been discontinued.  One seller is selling it on EBay, but there's an episode missing, and I'd really like to get him the whole set.  He was in nearly every episode, after all.  (There was a contract dispute, and he was written out of one episode.  But all was resolved.  Um, well at least until the show was canceled.)
So, I'll keep searching.
I COULD bite the bullet and send him to Yosemite for a weekend.  With his climbing buddies.  As long as the weather is OK.
Not a bad idea, actually.  And the kids are a little easier now. Plus the pool is open...

OK, another random riff: David Mamet, the playwright, has declared he's no longer a "brain dead liberal."  Yes, after years of anti-capitalism riffs, taking grant money from the government as a struggling young writer and as a theater co-founder (including an NEA grant last year), he has decided that he shouldn't have to pay taxes, help anyone else out in any way, that global warming is a myth, and that liberals are all a bunch of anti-semites.
Let me talk about why I give a damn about anything this guy says: in college we were force-fed Mamet.  Told over and over and over again about his "brilliance."  Force-marched to his plays.  And if we deigned to say that we didn't like his work?  Well, LOOK OUT!!!!!  Guaranteed F in that class, let me tell ya!  His young acting students, most NYU graduates themselves, came to speak to us one day.  They were in their early-to-mid-20's and, as many of us are at that age, quite full of themselves.  They scoffed at us, telling us to leave the worthless university environment and strike out on our own.  (No one mentioned the fact that they had all GRADUATED from the very same university they were now disparaging and, oh yeah, they had been hand-picked by David Mamet, while at NYU, to run his experiment and start his company, and did not, by any means, "strike out on their own."  Many are actors who are now fairly well-known and recognizable.  I have met many of them in the years since and, thankfully, they have mellowed considerably and are now quite lovely, lol!)
But one of the points that was made over and over again was that it was possible to build one's own company because of ALL THE GOVERNMENT GRANT MONEY AVAILABLE!!!!!!! (This was the 80's.)  And we were fools, FOOLS, for not taking advantage of it (at the ripe old age of 18).
I was in the anti-Mamet camp.  Along with a lot of other female students.  We thought (and still think) that he is a ridiculous, angry-at-the-world-for-who-knows-why, self-centered misogynist.  And hearing him speak years later only confirmed that opinion.  I also have friends who have worked with him, and they are of that mind as well.  This guy, held up as one of the greatest, if not THE greatest, playwright of his generation, was and is a gigantic di@#head.

In a New York Times interview, he was asked if he still stands by his earlier work and writings, in which he claims capitalism is the root of all evil (seriously, does this guy go to extremes or what?)  and he replied that yes, he stands by them.  It was what worked for him at the time.
And THAT, I think, is David Mamet in a nutshell.  Whatever works for him is what should work for everyone.  I don't believe he is or ever was truly either a democrat OR a republican.  He's just a selfish jerk.  When he was struggling, he was more than happy to accept grant money (and I don't see him refusing or giving back the money the NEA gave his company last year). And truthfully, I kinda feel sorry for the republicans, because now they apparently have to claim him as one of theirs.
Good luck with that.
They are going to need it.

OK, rant over.  Feel free to disagree with me.

Oh, and may I add that I have since tried the hazelnut Godiva ice cream-inspired chocolate, and it, too, is delish.

All right.
All that ranting has made me tired.
I'm gonna go chill.

Take care!

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