Sunday, February 27, 2011

I Love Ya, Tomorrow!

The kids are GOING BACK TO SCHOOL TOMORROW!!!!!!!!!!
As much as I adore them, having them home for a week, in February, when the weather's not so great (can't go to the park) and the pool is closed, is NOT so much fun.  All the fun-kids'-stuff  places are packed, and I'm on my own with them both, which can be a lot to handle.
Plus, I couldn't go ANYWHERE (except work) without taking them with me.  Let's just say that grocery shopping with my two adorable urchins is always an adventure.  Less Disneyland-adventure and more "127 Hours."  As in, I think I'd rather cut off my own limb than take both of my kids to the grocery store!!!!!!!

Today we took a nice drive.  Hubby had an audition up in Marin, so we thought it'd be fun to pack the family (including the dog) into the minivan and go.  Until we got there, and WG had a meltdown.  A screaming, crying, hair-pulling, scratching, finger-yanking (and this girl has a GRIP!) meltdown that lasted nearly 45 minutes.  Finally, after rejecting her snacks, she accepted an apple, I bought her some Doritios (I know, I know, but I was desperate!!!), she not only calmed down, but was happy again.  And we all had a LOVELY afternoon!  We drove north to Point Reyes (one of my favorite places on earth), then circled back to Highway 1 and drove back along the coast.  it was a BEAUTIFUL day, and this was like a mini-vacation!  All that open space and being by the ocean made us able to breathe again.
And it was (yet another) reminder that we need to TAKE A BREAK now and then!  Yes, we're busy, yes we need to work all the hours we can, but we also need OUR SANITY.  The trip cost us a few dollars in gas and 12 dollars in snacks.  Not a bad price to pay!

And yes, we DID watch the Oscars.  Let me just say how glad I am that we live in Pacific Standard Time and it was only 8:45 when the show FINALLY ended, lol!
I'm also glad we don't live in L.A., where the Oscars are a national holiday and it's impossible to not only drive anywhere, but to find any salty snacks.  We would have been stuck in meltdown-land if we were in L.A. today!  And I'm REALLY thankful neither Hubby or I were ever successful enough to warrant an invite to the actual ceremony, and I can watch it in my jammies while baking cookies, and don't have to starve myself, spend hours getting dressed, or wear horrible high heels or listen to idiots eviscerate my fashion choices.

So tomorrow I will put WG on her bus, drop LG off at school, teach a private Pilates session, and take the rest of the day off.

It may sound crazy, but I LOVE Mondays!!!!!!!!

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