Tuesday, February 22, 2011


So this morning Hubby and I decided to go with the short sale of the house this coming summer.  As hard as it might be to leave the home we've had for 5 years and put LG in a new school in September, it does feel like a huge weight has been lifted.
Last night, after subbing a class, I had to go to Target for some essentials, and then put gas in the car. When I realized I could barely afford gas and that Target is a luxury, It hit me hard that we cannot continue to live here anymore.  As Hubby said this morning, the house has gone from an investment to a money pit.  And, as I've mentioned before, it's not as if we'll be moving into a refrigerator box on the side of the train tracks.  We'll be moving to a beautiful house, surrounded by loving family.
We need to save money for the kids' future: when Hubby and I are no longer around the kids will need, at the least, an aid.  Perhaps assisted living.  All of that costs money.
It will also cut WAY down on our stress levels.
Oh, and the fact that we can walk downtown, to the park, and pretty much anywhere else we need to go is a huge plus, considering that gas prices in the Bay Area are predicted to hit $5/gallon by summer 2012.

So I've been sitting here thinking about all the things we might be able to do once we're not pouring all our money into the house.  Like go out to dinner once in a while, just me and Hubby. Or even take the kids on a real vacation!!!!!  Pay off my student loans more quickly. Maybe even take Krav Maga again. (THANK YOU, Charlotte, for your post about it this morning!!!!!)  I hear there's a GREAT Krav Maga trainer in Santa Clara!
Finally, since  I won't have to take crappy jobs I hate just to pay the bills, I can find a GOOD job I actually like!  And I can go to school, part-time, for drama therapy.  I'll  be able to pay for it and I'll have the time.

It's nice to be able to take my own advice from the title of this blog, lol!


The Merry said...

It's always a bit easier once the decision's been made. Life's hard enough without trying to figure out two alternative futures at once.

Five dollars a gallon? Geez. I'm already considering retiring my car and sticking to the bicycle -- except when it's snowing -- just to show Libya who's boss.

azusmom said...

Too right!