Monday, November 15, 2010


I got a temporary crown put on my right lower molar on Thursday.  It was doing really well!  A bit of pain now and again, but a little ice and some Orajel and it was gone.
Then, at 3 am today, I woke up with a head full o' searing pain.  Like NOTHING I'd experienced since childbirth, people!  As I said on my FaceBook page, it felt like someone was trying to pull my tooth out with a fork.  And it went all the way up into my head, and all the way down into my neck.  I started crying like the baby I am because it HURT!!!!!
I came downstairs and rinsed with warm salt water, put more Orajel on it, and finally caved in and took another ibuprofin (I'd taken one before bed, just in case).  Then I went online and realized that my symptoms coincided with someone who needed root canal.

I went back to the dentist today and it turns out, for once, I was right.  (It would HAVE to be about this! My one time?!?!?!)  So tomorrow the office will call me and schedule the dreaded procedure.  Although at this point, I can't wait; they take out the nerve from inside the tooth, so you can't feel anything anymore. And I wanted them to do it RIGHT AWAY!  JUST RIP THAT SUCKER OUT! But I suppose there are correct procedures for this kind of thing.
*Big Pitiful Sigh.*
I've also had this irrational fear of root canals for as long as I can remember.  Is there some term for that?  Rootcanalophobia?  Probably not.  But it's always been something I'm deathly afraid of.  Now, though, I just want it done!!!!!

On the plus side, I have a bottle of prescription Tylenol/Codeine in my hot little hands.  Not sure if I'm going to use it ; I'm also taking 2 Aleve every 8-10 hours, so we'll see how that goes, first.  But just knowing it's there is making me weirdly happy.  I've never taken codeine before.  Could be an interesting experience!
And it IS my own fault.  I neglected to go to the dentist for a long time (no insurance, poor, starving, struggling actor, wah wah wah), so let this be a lesson to ya, kids!
I also have been whining about wanting a break.  Except I was hoping to be lying on a massage table, not in a dentist's chair.
Ah well.  Be careful what you wish for, eh?
And, heck, with all that codeine, it might just FEEL like a massage!

Also, it has been GORGEOUS here, weather-wise!  Yesterday we drove along the coast into the city, parked on a hill overlooking the Presidio and took a nice hike. It seemed like everyone in the Bay Area was out and about, walking, biking, hanging out with their kids.  And we drove home as the sun was setting; everyone had stopped and was watching it.  It was beautiful!
And apparently today a lot of people are calling in sick to work.  I was standing in line at Starbucks and the woman behind me was describing to her friend the various phone calls she'd received that morning, including one from a guy who said he couldn't come in because he had no hot water & couldn't take a shower.  She wanted to tell him "You pay $1500 a year to go to Equinox.  Go take a shower there and come in to work."  But she couldn't.
And I thought "Holy cow, $1500 a YEAR?!?!?!"  'Cause I worked there, so I didn't have to pay, and had no idea how much a membership cost.  (Technically, I still work there, as a sub, and can still work out there...) And it's a very nice place with great classes and facilities, but $1500 a year?!?!
Although I will say that it's probably the cleanest gym I've ever set foot in.  They are CONSTANTLY cleaning that place!

OK, time to go lie down.  And try to ignore the drilling coming from next door (they're fixing it up to sell) that makes me think of painful oral surgeries.


The Merry said...

Fingers crossed that you get the good drugs and the even gooder dentist!

azusmom said...

Sounds good to me! Thank you! (Oh, and the drugs ARE good, lol!)