Wednesday, April 28, 2010

How Does That Make You FEEEEEEL?????

Well, to be honest, like crap.
I won't get into details.  Hubby and I rarely argue.  We're lucky; we've found ways of working things out that don't involve shouting, screaming, accusations, broken glass, or calls to 911 by the neighbors.  But when we DO have an argument, it just su*#s!!!!!!
And because I am who I am, I have a REALLY hard time letting go. I have to go through all the anger, hurt, sadness, and whatever other drek needs to make its way out of my system before I can get back to normal.  In this case, I'm still not there.  Even after nearly 24 hours and not a whole lot of sleep.
See, I'm trying to BE with my feelings, rather than shove them down, ignore them, make them go away, or eating them.  NONE of that works.  So I'm stuck in the Quagmire O' Crud, emotionally, right now.
And I HATE it.
Especially since there are some unresolved issues, and Hubby isn't home. And when he gets home, the kids will be here.  And I'll have to leave for work right away. I'll have to be all grown up and professional and leave all this at home. So I'm kinda stuck.
And I KNOW this is all part of life, that we take the good with the bad, etc. 
But it still stinks!

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