Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Deep Breaths Needed

It seems that Wednesdays are my blogging days.  Probably because I have Wednesday mornings free.
OK, a few peeves to get off my chest: the new radio campaign for some kinda shampoo made for blondes; a faux news report about hot blondes taking over the streets of whatever city the ad is being broadcast in.  The subtext being that, of course, the only important thing about a female is her hotness factor (as judged by random guys), and the only way to be hot is to be blonde.  Also implied; young, skinny, and white.

Am I getting carpal tunnel, or am I just being my old Jewish mother, hypochondriac self?

Why is it I sleep for 8 hours but have crazy, active dreams, and wake up feeling exhausted, like I just ran a marathon?  (Not that I know what running a marathon feels like.)

Yesterday was long.  And a really rough session in my voiceover class.  One of those days where I want to throw in the towel and just say "FORGET IT!!!!"  Like the guy on "Sesame Street" who sings "Row, Row, Row Your Boat" but can't find a word to rhyme with "stream" and throws his head onto the piano keys shouting "Oh, I'll  never get it! Never!"
Yeah, kinda like that.
I've had A LOT of those moments when it comes to acting.
So I have to think about whether I really want this.
But I don't have to decide right this minute.
Plus, I HAVE met a bunch of REALLY cool folks in my class!

Not to sound whiny (which will, of course, guarantee that I'm sounding like a world champion whiner), but I have to put my yoga teacher training on hold and focus on training to teach on more Pilates equipment (chair, barrel, trapeze, cadillac, etc.) because I need to make more money.  Working at a studio will help me make more, and I'll be able to do more one-on-one and not worry so much about whether or not my classes will be cancelled due to poor attendance.  I realize that teaching Pilates and yoga is something to be done for the love of it, and I DO love it, but we're also in a crappy economy, Hubby was laid off, and we have 2 kids who need things like food, clothing, and shelter.
Plus, I like the idea of helping people come back from an injury, surgery, or just helping them get stronger.

Finally, I need some good thoughts for our dog.  She had yet another bladder infection, so she's going in for an ultrasound.  She's almost 12, so she's not a puppy anymore.  And she's the sweetest, loveliest, most patient dog in the world, loves the kids (the other day she tried to block the entire Pacific Ocean from WG, who kept trying to run in even though it was freezing and the surf was rough), and we're hoping for a few more years with her.

OK.  I'm off to take a nap.  I'm exhausted from all that dreaming!


Charlotte said...

Wait, wha... there's a Pilates thingy called a trapeze?! I am INTRIGUED. I want one and I don't even know what it is.

Also - I'd completely forgotten about that Sesame Street bit. Made me smile:)

azusmom said...

Yes, the trapeze is...complicated. But you can hang upside-down from your knees on it, so it's pretty cool!