Sunday, March 30, 2008

Dreams and Worries.

The kind you have at night. When you are asleep. I was just over on and she was blogging about a scary dream she'd had. Which made me think of the dream I had last night, which wasn't scary. I was living on a farm in a small town, with my father and brothers (not my real father and brother, but dream ones), and we worked our fingers to the bone. I think it was early 20th century. I was a strong, silent, plain-speaking kind of woman. And then one of the (slightly) younger men in town came over while I was tilling the soil and asked me to marry him. I said "Sure."
And that was that!
When I woke up it reminded me of a show I was in in high school, called "110 In The Shade." It's a musical version of a play called "The Rainmaker," and actually was revived on Broadway a year or so ago. It was a VERY cool dream, and maybe I'll write something kinda sorta based on it. We'll see.

In the meantime, my real-life brother is about to go into a dangerous situation with his job. I can't go into details, and I don't mean to be all covert-sounding, but I'm worried about him. Although he did call to reassure me, and when he heard my kids running around and screeching like the little maniacs they are, he said "I think I'll be safer where I'll be than you are at home!"

Yeah, he's spent quite a bit of time with my kids,lol!

Anyway, just wanted to write about those two things. Ah, the blogosphere! The perfect place to put one's neuroses!

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Pilates Coma!

OK, so I taught my first class on Monday. It was really fun, and the people in the class were so sweet! Then, on Tuesday, I went to my regular reformer class. On Wednesday, I went to a 12-hour mat certification. Thursday was an 8 hour mat-with-props certification with Leslee bender. She invented the Bender Ball, and is officially one of the coolest, most fun instructors EVER. Friday was completely devoted to potty training our 4 year-old. Today, Saturday, I went to my 7 AM reformer class, and the rest of the day will be spent continuing to potty train while simultaneously attempting to keep my 6 year-old entertained and the dog's bladder empty at regular intervals. Hubby is doing a reading out near Berkeley, and is out most of the day.

I am freakin' exhausted!!!! I think I've done more pilates in the past week than I did in the 38 years preceeding it. But the potty training is killing me,lol! Sometimes I wish we lived in a ranch-style house with one floor, instead of a townhouse with 3!!!

Maybe I should just install a bungee cord near the stairwell.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Anyone Here Watch "Torchwood?"

It's a sci-fi thriller series on BBC America, a spin-off of "Dr. Who." I was watching tonight and one of the characters was possessed by Death. He kept repeating "I walk the earth, and my hunger knows no bounds." The team was doing research on the Black Plague, and they Googled that comment. And the fellow doing the research said "I keep getting re-directed to Weight Watchers!"

I found it hilariously funny.

I have a thing about WW, and other commercial diet programs. I've tried a bunch of them, and they didn't work. So that made me laugh.

A lot.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

I Did It!!!!!

I finished my Reformer 1 certification weekend! I can start teaching...woo-hoo!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Tomorrow is the Big Day!

Tomorrow I begin Reformer Pilates certification. 4 hours tomorrow, 9 on Saturday, 8 on Sunday, then I come home and pass out.
Oh wait, my parents will be arriving. Can't pass out. Oh well.

We took the kids to the dentist today. I don't know if any of you have ever seen a child with Autism at the dentist, but suffice to say that he and his assistant won't need to work out for a week. And that was just the exam! The actual cleaning will take place in an office where the kids can have mild sedation.

My son went first. The dentist counts his teeth, using numbers for permanent teeth and letters for baby teeth. My son started to cry, then joined in, saying the alphabet really quickly. I think he believed that the quicker he got through it, the faster he could get out.

I took him to the lobby when he was finished, and my husband brought our daughter in. I thought to myself "I don't hear any screaming."
Famous last words.
She screamed. She fought. She pushed at the hygenist and pummeled the dentist, who took it in stride and complimented her on her strength.

Whatever they get paid, it's not nearly enough.