Wednesday, June 3, 2015

After reading Geosomin's blog post this morning (I am woman, hear me run."  Go check it out.
No, really, go.  I'll wait...), I realize that I'm STILL spending the majority of my time existing, worrying, passing time, and not really LIVING.
Granted, I'm meeting a friend for coffee later this week.  And Hubby and I went to a Filipino arts festival in the city, where he did a staged reading.  But I spend most of my time taking care of people and things, and feeling like I'm living in a petri dish, being observed under a microscope and judged wanting.  (For example, apparently, as I found out yesterday, my shower time is being monitored.  Which is fairly creepy.)
And because we don't have our own place, I don't feel free to do things like invite people over without clearing it first.
When I get PMS-y, I start lamenting the state of my life. No career, no job (that pays, anyway, I certainly work), no money I've earned myself, no home of our own, and crushing student debt.  Few friends in the area.
So I spend A LOT of time online, which is not good for me. Or anyone, really.  Because most of the other people who spend the majority of their time online are, quite frankly, a little scary.  And I DO NOT want to turn into that!

I've spent the past couple of years stepping out of my now too-tight cocoon.  Baby steps.  It may be time to (har har) step it up.  Take giant leaps.

And also to not worry so much about other peoples' POV.  Simply remember that they are entitled to their opinions, and that those opinions need not have anything to do with me and mine.  And, that my beliefs and opinions are just as valid as anyone else's, and I don't have to justify them.

Just need to remember that.

And to NOT get caught up in arguments of Facebook.  :)

OK.  Gonna go walk the pooch.  And use my brand new Fitbit!

Have a good one!

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