Friday, May 15, 2015


Felling much calmer now.  LG is going to the Awesome High School.  I will be observing the class he'll be in tomorrow, so I'll be more prepared for his transitional IEP.
And soon I won't have to deal with Crazy Mom anymore. She usually doesn't send her son to summer school, so, hopefully, in a few weeks, that'll be that.

In calmer news, I did the reading on Saturday, and it went VERY well!  I was walking to the BART station afterwards and I thought to myself "Yeah, I still got it."  :)

And, while I'm tooting my own horn (not like THAT!), Hubby took a photo of me the other day when we took a day trip to Mt. Diablo with the kids.  And I gotta say, Weight Watchers, EFT, and the workouts are paying off!  My friend, who writes for, is going to include me in one of her stories.  I'm actually quite excited, because the main focus is NOT on weight loss, but on what we (the subjects) can/have accomplish(ed) BECAUSE we work out.

I'm vacillating, again, between cautious optimism on a personal/familial level and despair on a global level. The hormones aren't helping.  Those should be calming soon, however.
I'm beginning to think that I really can start performing again.  I may not make a living from it, but I never really expected to. The point now is to get back on stage and to enjoy.

OK, back again, on a Wednesday.  Just like last week.  Except today has been MUCH better.  I went to visit The Awesome High School, and I CANNOT believe how incredible it is!  He will be there until he's 22 (he'll be 14 in July), will learn life ad job skills, and his curriculum will be taylored to him.  We're VERY happy!

And on that note, I've got to do some paperwork.  See ya!

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