Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Welcome to the Sick House

WG, then, LG, and now, apparently Hubby and I have all gotten sick this week. Nothing too terrible so far (knock on wood), but enough to make us a bit unhappy.
And ruin all our best-laid plans for the week.  Poor LG had only been in the pool for a half hour on Monday when I got the call to go to San Jose and pick up WG.
She stayed home yesterday, and went back to school today.  But LG woke up all sneezy & snuffly, so no pool.  And now he has a fever.

Gah, I HATE it when they're sick!  Poor little bunnies!
Their eyes get all droopy and sad, and their noses run, and they can't breathe well, and their little faces get all red.


Luckily, however, they seem to bounce back pretty quickly.

It's beginning to feel a lot like Summer around here.  Not that we had much of a Winter.  The other day, as LG and I were driving to San Jose, we went past the hills surrounding Stanford.  Normally they are lush, verdant, and green.  Right now they're brown and dry, and probably a pretty big fire hazard.
You'd think, by now, someone could've come up with a way to take the water from places that are flooding and bring it to drought-stricken areas!
But then, we still don't have flying cars, jet packs, or transporters...

This drought is quite worrisome.

But there's not a whole lot I can do at the moment, other than conserve water.  Which we're doing.  So, there is no point in obsessing.

In GOOD news, I've thus far lost 8 pounds since starting WW 4 weeks ago.  And, yes, I am MUCH more mindful of what, and, especially, WHY, I eat.  And I'm working out smarter.  I feel MUCH less obsessive about it all, which is nice. And not what I was expecting.
Because the last few times I tried WW, I DID become obsessed.
I think the meetings make a big difference.  And, perhaps, being a bit older and wiser.  Maybe.

In OTHER other news, it's official: Peter Capaldi is the Biggest Mensch In The World.  He's spearheading the campaign to rebuild the Glasgow School of Art, of which he is an alumni.  Much of it was destroyed in a fire last month, and many of the students lost the artwork they'd created for their show that would determine whether they got their degree.  PC made a video for them.  The best part is when he says "You are artists, and this will only add to your story.  You will be reborn, and rise from the ashes even stronger."
How cool is that?!?!?!
He also says "I wish I could turn back time but, unfortunately, I'm not Cher."  Before doing a little bit with the TARDIS.  :)

OK.  Gotta try and maybe get to bed early.  Gonna need my energy over the next few days.


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Glad you're on the mend :)