Thursday, September 5, 2013


That's pretty much what happens when I sit down to write.
I have a great imagination, if I do say so myself.  And I do.  Heck I've got to say SOMETHING positive!  I mean, it's not like I hit the genetic lottery, or have a photographic memory, or any understanding of anything mathematical or scientific.  Or even have, y'know, rhythm. I can't draw, I don't play any instruments.
BUT, in my brain, when I'm alone, I'm Noel Coward, Dorothy Parker, and Oscar Wilde all rolled into one.  Sometimes, when I'm relaxed & with people I know, it leaks out.
But put me in front of a computer, or give me pen & paper, and...
Nada.  Zip. Zero.  NO.THING.
My fertile imagination becomes as dry as Bridalveil Falls in August. After a drought. (That's a Yosemite reference.  I was going to say something about a post-menopausal woman in a desert, but that just seems too mean.  And seeing as I'll be there in about a decade, not funny, dammit!)

So, I'm looking for inspiration.  Luckily, it can apparently be found nearby, and for free.  Because of Meetup.  There are all these groups online, for just about any interest you can conceive of, and I'm gonna find me one for creative-types.
Because that's what I am.  Or at least, what I used to be.  Before my kids came along and sucked every last bit of creativity, originality, and will to live out of my marrow, leaving me the hollowed-out husk that I am today.  (Kidding! Mostly.)
But, now that they're...wait for it...

******BACK IN SCHOOL!!!!!!!!!!******* (Cue Hosanas, glitter, falling balloons, released doves, celestial light...)
I can spend more time on Stuff I Like.  I just signed up for the improv class (yay!), and will be searching the interwebs for Meetup groups nearby.  I'm also going to try Aikido. (Which will come in handy if these Meetup groups are not what they seem.)
Yup.  I'll be a busy little bee for the next few months.

I'm also, and this is TRES exciting, going to go back to the theater company from whence my professional self sprouted all those years ago!  Every summer they have a week-long teacher-training workshop.  It's like a condensed version of the month-long training they have for actors (which I took-gulp-21 years ago.  But the focus, obviously, is on teaching rather than performing.  About making Shakespeare accessible and entertaining, rather than just having students sit at their desks and read it aloud, thereby ensuring a lifelong hatred of the Bard.  I'm not sure exactly when it will be, but Hubby & I have discussed it, and I'm gonna go for it.  I also get a discount, since I'm still considered a company member. Score!  (I am SO talking like it's still the 90's!)

This is all assuming, of course, that we're still here and haven't blown ourselves off the planet.

But I'm going to try and stay positive, even with all the crap going on.

Speaking of staying positive, I've been keeping up with the yoga.  Along with a bit of walking, cycling, and barre work.  Just adding 10-15 minutes of it, because the yoga has been fairly intense.  The nice thing is that these days there are some really great yoga classes online.  A lot of them are even free. Or, you can get a month-long online membership for the same price as a single class.
I still prefer to practice in a class setting, but it's not always possible (or affordable).  Always nice to have options.  Soon, however, I will be combining my classes with my "Ultimate Yogi" DVDs.
(Did I mention I was able to get the set for $25?  Because I did a big Amazon trade-in deal, and got $100 in credit.  Yahoo!)

So that's what's up, kids.  In a couple of hours I'll be taking myself over to the multiplex to see "The World's End."  Could use a good laugh right now.

And here's hoping it doesn't happen literally.

On that note,



Geosomin said...

Enjoy the movie. It made me laugh a lot :)

Have you thought about trying a dictaphone or tape recorder or voice recognition software for your phone or computer? My husband has the same issues trying to get ideas down and they help him a lot just to babble out ideas to come back to later...

But most of all...enjoy the spare time :)

azusmom said...

That's a GREAT idea, thank you!
And I did enjoy the movie. A lot. :)