Monday, September 23, 2013

Dreams and Plans.

Last week I had a dream that I was sitting on the edge of a bed with David Tennant and he was giving me a hug.  My alarm went off before anything else could progress, but I was fine with that.  Dream David Tennant knows how to hold a girl, let me tell ya! I was in a very good mood all the next day.
I also had a full-on sex dream about another actor, who shall remain anonymous.  It was the first time I'd ever had a dream like that about anyone other than Hubby.  I felt a little bit guilty, but not too much so. 'Cause that dream put me in a good mood, too!  :)

A few days later I had another dream, the details of which escaped me as soon as I woke up.  But my first thought upon awakening was that I needed to keep my daughter close.  Not that there was any danger, just that she needed me.  And it turned out that at school that day she became VERY upset. So when she came home we had some extra hugs, cuddles & tickles, and it did us both a world of good.

Last week was all about listening: To my instincts, my body, and, especially, what my kids are trying to tell me. I skipped my yoga class on Sunday, mainly because I had no way to get there, and skipped it again on Monday.  Then I realized that I needed a rest.  I'd been going great guns for a few months (as you know, lol!) and needed a wee break.
A small break, not a bathroom break...although I need plenty of THOSE, too...

Last Thursday was the second improv class.  I was SO nervous before the first one, but it was GREAT!  For the first time in about 16 years I just got up and played,  ENJOYED, without worrying about how I looked or if I was doing it "right."
And it's a terrific group.  Ranging in age from early 20's to 70's.  Some are aspiring (or established) actors, while others are there for fun. One of the older students, who is the definition of Fabulous, said "I ain't paying money to be all stressed out!"  She's there to enjoy and have fun.  And I wish I'd met her 25 years ago!
It feels so good to work those muscles again, and in such a non-stressful environment.  I believe I've told you all that one of my main reasons for quitting acting was that I'd stopped enjoying it.  And it wasn't as if I'd been making a decent living at it.  So I took a break and focused on being a mom.
But 10 years later I'm enjoying it again. And I'm inspired again. Granted, I'm not auditioning at the moment, or doing any actual productions, but I've got my feet back in, and the water is nice and warm.  And free of sharks. So we'll see where it goes.
Tomorrow night Hubby and I are going to see a production of "Buried Child" at the Magic Theatre in the city.  Another theater date!

BTW, I heard back from the Shakespeare theater where I'll be doing the workshop next summer.  And was told "No matter how hard you try to escape, you will always be a member of the company!"   How cool is THAT?  Even after 19 years, they still think of me as family.  And told me that they'd squeeze me in even of the workshop was full.  I felt a bit verklempt, let me tell ya!

Finally, the best laid (workout) plans...Y'know how I was gonna start Ultimate Yoga?  Well, I've started, but I have to amend the schedule a bit.  Turns out that I get overuse issues in my wrist and elbow when I do yoga every day, so I need to intersperse it with other workouts.  A similar thing happened when I was teaching a lot of Pilates.
But y'know what?  It's not actually that big a deal!  I'll still get my beloved yoga in, and I'll do it in a way that honors my body, keeps my joints pain-free, and lets me use that Spin bike we paid decent money for, which I love.  It's all fine.

And now I must go pick the kids up from school.  Have a good one, my lovelies!

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