Saturday, August 17, 2013

It's Easy Drinking Green

As I've mentioned (a few too many times) here, I've been juicing. Most concoctions have consisted of a nice mix of fruit & veg.  However, I've been avoiding green juices, imagining having to choke them down the same way I did cough syrup when I was 6 and had the flu.
But this morning I threw 2 handfuls of spinach, an apple, and half a lemon into the juicer.  And nothing else.  And y'know what?  It was DELICIOUS!  I made some for Hubby, and he drank it right down, as well.
So I've been combing through my recipe books and looking at other juice/smoothie concoctions, and, being the dork I am, I cannot wait to drag the kids to the produce section with me!
I'm hoping to get them to try some, as well.  There are a number of kid-friendly (read: can't taste the green stuff) recipes, so who knows?

It's even got me thinking about doing a 1 or 2 day juice/smoothie cleanse.  Now would be a good time, seeing as I'm kinda stuck in or near the house most of the time.
Do I dare?  :)
Maybe 1 day.
To start.

I find myself increasingly drawn toward whole, fresh foods.  Like big salads with kale, beets, & avocado, with homemade dressing,  or sashimi (I found a nearby store that sells amazing sushi-grade, very fresh fish), veggie soup, that sort of thing.  Of course, part of that is the fact that it's summer, it's hot, and all this amazing produce is in season.  It may be that, come December, the rainy (but thankfully not freezing) weather will have me craving more hearty fare.  But stuff like pizza, pasta, rice w/meat, all the things that were staples for so long, aren't as appealing to me.
Maybe I've just burned out on them, lol!

And we're almost at the end of Heck Week.  I MIGHT even be able to go to yoga class tonight if Hubbs get out of rehearsal early.  We shall see.  Next week he's on vacation and we take our Yosemite trip.  WOO-HOO!!!!!


Geosomin said... fave is apple carrot beet juice.
If my juicer wasn't a PITA to clean I'd drink it more...

azusmom said...
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azusmom said...

(Trying again): What is it about beets? They're so yummy!