Monday, August 12, 2013

If Only I Had a TARDIS. (And, Y'know, If Only They Actually Existed...)

A few years ago, my brother, who does Stuff for the Government, was in town on a Job.  He couldn't talk about it, but it was at a nearby lab.  I asked if he or anyone else was working on transporter technology.  He gave me his patented long-suffering-older-brother look and said "No."  So I replied with "OK, but when you say no, what you really mean is..." And HE said "I REALLY mean no."
Ah well.

Because I could use some more time. I'm sure we ALL could. But I realized this morning, as I was driving my in-laws to the airport for their 2 week Vegas vacay, that NONE of my time is my own, even when the kids are in school. I'm usually either working, cleaning, or taking care of something FOR the kids.
It felt weird driving this morning, because my kids weren't in the car.  My S-I-L was watching them until I got back.  After 3 months of hauling 1 or both with me everywhere, it was odd not having them.  And let's face it, I've spent the better part of the past 12 years hauling 1 or 2 kids around.

Tomorrow I'll take my mom to the airport.  The kids will come along, since there's no one to watch them.  We'll go to the grocery store and then the park, and then we'll relax at home.  Hubby has a performance, so he won't be home until late at night.  Over the weekend, we'll once again be dog sitting.  Which isn't hard, as the dog mainly, well, sits.  When he's not sleeping.  The hardest part is making sure he gets outside to do his business once in a while.

It also hit me that I REALLY need to get going on the things I've been SAYING I'm going to do.  Like that improv class.  And getting a regular, dependable sitter.  And new headshots.  And figuring out what my Equity/SAG/AFTRA status actually is.

And to STOP feeling guilty for not making much (if any) money!  I'm not being lazy!  I AM working, I just don't get paid!

In the meantime, we just need to get through the week. Then Hubby's off, and we go to Yosemite.

BTW, apropos of nothing, last night I dreamt I was going back to my old Shakespeare company, where I not only saw all my old buddies, but met up with Benedict Cumberbatch.  And Colin Firth came with me for the ride, except he wanted to take bicycles instead of my car.  Let me tell ya, biking the full length of the Massachusetts Turnpike is not easy! I was exhausted when I woke up! :)

Why can't I just have celebrity sex dreams like a normal person?!?!?!


Cindy said...

Oh it's the time travel you want. When I saw TARDIS I thought endless closet space myself, since the Tardis is small on the outside and big on the inside. Yep it rocks either way!

azusmom said...

So very true!
And closet space is important, lol!:)

Geosomin said...

he hee...I love that your brother might know about TARDIS tech Stuff if it were out there :)
I hear ya on the time for yourself thing. The last few weeks J and I have made a point of enjoying our bits of spare time completely and not just filling it up with chores to do...and even a bit of time is glorious. But then again, without kids it is simpler. I get mad when people tell parents that stay home that they aren't working...riiiiight.
Remembering what you used to do with your spare time is a tricky thing...especially when the whole spare time thing is a bit of a misleading statement!