Tuesday, June 25, 2013

That Ol' Emotional Rollercoaster.

12 hours ago I was writing a different post.  The SCOTUS ruling had just come down, and I also learned that my friend's theater company, which does A TON of outreach with local students, lost all their funding last night.  By unanimous vote.  Despite letters and pleas from hundreds of residents asking the council to keep the funding intact. Now he's not sure if he'll be able to keep the company running in it's present location, or if they'll have to move (he's had a number of generous offers from other cities).  But he started the company 5 years ago in his hometown, and he doesn't WANT to leave.
The worst part is that the company has brought in literally millions in revenue, as well as helping to keep kids in school, lower the dropout rate, and increase literacy levels.  It has become a real part of the community, yet  with one vote, its future in the region is in jeopardy.

Because, apparently, almost no one, on any level of government, listens to their constituents anymore.
(I'm sitting here waiting to see what happens in Texas.  I'm not optimistic, although that filibuster was amazing!  As were all the hundreds of people who showed up the past few days.)

But, some good news out of Massachusetts.

OK.  Enough of that, or else I won't be able to sleep.

WG is on vacation.  For 2 weeks.
It's been 2 days.
I'm exhausted, lol!
Yesterday we took LG to summer school, then ran some errands.  I came home and cleaned up the house a bit, then it was time to pick LG up.  Home for lunch, then off to the pool for 2 hours.  We left just as it started to rain.

Of course, I hadn't gotten my workout in, so last night I did a quick, 16-minute Tabata strength/cardio drill.
And WG stayed up until after 10, giggling.  :)
This morning we dropped LG off & came home.  After lunch, because of the rain, we couldn't use the pool, so we went for a long drive.
With more giggling, this time from both sides of the peanut gallery.

Now it's after 10 PM.  WG is sleeping, LG is on his way, I just finished my yoga, and my eyelids are drooping down to my kneecaps.

Thank goodness for quick, effective workouts!  They're the only ones I'll be able to fit in most of the summer!

Alrighty, then.  I'm off to la la land.


2 days after the funding was cut for my friend's theater company, the NEA stepped in and gave them a grant.

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