Sunday, September 9, 2012

Feeling A Bit Proud Of Myself...

I wrote 13 pages of a story today.  I left the kids with Hubby, went to my new favorite cafe, and sat for 3 hours, writing. And it felt SO GOOD!!!!!
I don't know if anyone will ever see what I wrote, but it still felt amazing.  And reading it over, I must say that it's not half bad!  The most important thing is that I did it.  I sat down and wrote something.  That's the first step.
I also have officially let go of the Wednesday night class, which means 2 Pilates classes are gone.  My boss was COMPLETELY understanding, and has asked me to teach 1 last session, as well as to stay on as a sub, both of which I readily agreed to.
Soon I'll start the twice-weekly Shakespeare class, and then the consulting  for the literacy-through-theater company that Hubby works with, to help develop a program for autistic kids.
And a little bit scary.
I'm giving up guaranteed income to take a chance on some POSSIBLE future income.  Granted, I'm getting paid for the new jobs, but there's no guarantee they'll last.
Maybe, however, they'll not only last, but blossom into new opportunities.  Which is why I FINALLY took these first steps, as well.  Better to fail than to look back and wonder what if.
I often think of myself as a female Walter Mitty: Staid and somewhat boring on the outside, but with a feverish imagination.  Seriously, my brain NEVER stops.  Which is a problem at 4 AM, but pretty awesome the rest of the time.
(It also makes meditation challenging, but I'm working on it.)
The main thing is to NOT let my imaginings become more interesting than my real life.  So far so good, but it was getting a little too close for comfort.  It was a sign that I needed to change things up.
So I am.
And that makes me pretty damn happy.

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Geosomin said...

"a problem at 4 AM, but pretty awesome the rest of the time."
I am so glad that you're finding new things that make you so excited!