Sunday, September 4, 2011

We're Baaaaack!

And we can call it a nearly unqualified success!  WG had a few mini-meltdowns, which were cured with either food or the "Koi Pond" app on the iPod. Last night (er, this morning) she was up until 3:30.  As was I.  Although I was coughing and hacking, which kept me awake, while she was just having fun, thankfully.

Lesson #1 Learned: DO NOT attempt to sleep 4 people in a 2-person tent, even when 2 of the 4 are small.  They wiggle around.  A LOT.  And elbows and knees are SHARP, people! (Plus, WG used Hubby's legs as a pillow the first night.  Took him a while to get the circulation going again in the morning.)

Our campsite was near the river, so on the afternoon we arrived we put the kids in their swimsuits and let them play. The water was cold, but the air was hot, and much fun was had by all. After drying off, we put on warm clothes, built a fire, and had dinner.  Why does food taste so much better outdoors?

The following morning, we all woke up at 5:30 and got an early start.  We drove out of the park to explore some nearby towns and county parks.  We discovered a very nice coffee bar/motel with a wrap-around porch, an empty playground, a visitors' center with free WiFi and super-clean bathrooms, a very cool little town in the midst of its Founders' Day Festival, and some sulphur hot springs.
With a naked guy in them.  Standing.
Not far from some people taking target practice with a .38.
We decided to save the hot springs for another time.

Lesson #2 Learned:  Try to avoid hot springs with naked men standing in them in the vicinity of gunfire.  Even if said hot springs are free.

Lesson #3 Learned: DO NOT give LG a head lamp.  He will sneak off to the bathroom down the road, in pitch darkness, on his own, without telling you.  Taking (yet another) decade off of your life. On the plus side, when he hears you calling his name in an absolute panic, he will come running back.  And also tolerate it when you hug and squeeze and kiss him repeatedly for the next 20 hours.

We took a trip to Tenaya Lake.  Again, cold, but quite refreshing.  And kinda like a bath. We also got to Tuolomne Meadow to watch the sun set. All in all, it was a great trip.  And I really hope the kids associate camping with fun.

We also received a visit from our camping neighbor's 13 month-old pit bull.  A very sweet puppy!

Now it's time to give the kids their baths and take a shower.  I've got to get to bed early: I have a cold, and I also have teacher training tomorrow for my brand-new job!!!!!!!! With Peninsula Youth Theater!!!!!!!!

Nighty night!


Geosomin said...

Cool - I'm so glad you had a nice camping trip!
I bet it was funny trying to describe the naked hot spring guy to the kids... :)

azusmom said...

Luckily they weren't paying him any attention. Whew! Dodged a bullet there! Figuratively AND literally!