Saturday, September 24, 2011

Hello Autumn! (?)

We've had a warm streak in these parts.  OK, a heatwave.  It's been between 85 and 90-plus degrees here the past few days.  After a rather cool, sometimes clammy summer, it's nice to have some really warm weather.  And not TOO warm, not like the triple digits we had in L.A. (Seriously, we all lived like vampires: staying inside all day, then coming out at night to play with the kids/walk the dog/mow the lawn, etc.)
So today is the last day of summer, according to the calendar. Which makes me kinda sad. I guess it hearkens back to being a kid; the feeling of the end of freedom, going back to school (Blech! Yuck!), and the horrible, AWFUL allergies that always accompanied early Fall when I lived on the east coast.  And later, when Fall  (as much as I love the season) meant the end of the outdoor summer theater season and the knowledge that winter and snow were coming.
The shorter days always make be a bit melancholy.  Even though they now mean that the kids are back in school (yay!), and knowing that we're probably not gonna have any freak snowstorms, nor will my allergies act up the way they used to. I just LOVE Summer.  It's my favorite season, and it's hard to say goodbye.

I'm also just realizing (hello!) that we lost Dad at the end of September, 3 years ago.  So that adds to the sadness.  (Geez, Alyssa, ya think?!?!) I remember sitting outside the hospital on a beautiful, late-summer day before he passed.  It's a beautiful time in Boston, and a reminder that he wanted us to keep living, even as he was dying.

On the other hand, and a much happier note, we'll soon be getting pumpkins, a bit of foliage (yes, even here!), crisp, cooler days, brightly-colored sunsets, and, before we know it...HALLOWEEN!!!!!!!  Don't know about you, but my favorite holiday!
Yesterday my S-I-L came by with a costume she found on sale for LG.  It's a SpongeBob costume, and it's SO CUTE!  He tried it on, then didn't want to take it off.  He was rollerblading around the house with it on, and, dang, there are just no words to explain the adorable-ness of it! (Yes, I know that's not really a word.) She tried to find one for WG, as well, but there weren't any in her size.  (She did find an M&M costume for our nephew, though!) I'm trying to think of an equally cute costume for her. Luckily I have over a month to find it.

Anyway, happy Autumn! Now go get a pumpkin spice latte...

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Geosomin said...

I Love fall. I love Halloween too. My birthday is the day before so it became awesome costume day and my birthday all rolled into one :)