Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Yoga, Disco Abs, and Feeling Angry and Superior

Everyone is an idiot except for me.  OK, everyone above the age of 15.  And even some of them.
THIS is my body on PMS without the Zoloft.  I must say it hasn't been nearly as bad as I'd expected.  Don't get me wrong, I still snarl at my fellow drivers, screech at the computer, and cry at cat food commercials, but I also have a new sense of smugness.
Yesterday I was pulling out of a parking lot when I saw a fella on a bicycle coming my way.
On the sidewalk. Which is against the municipal codes for the area we were in.
But I figured, hey, he's helping Mother Earth., why not help HIM out, so I put the car in reverse and backed up a bit so he could get by without going on to the street, which is kinda where he's SUPPOSED to be, but still.  He had been preparing to go behind my car, but I thought I'd make it easier on him.  And was feeling pretty darn good, until he gave me a nasty look and a rude hand gesture.  Then I yelled out the window "I was Trying to be NICE!"
The "a$$hole" part was implied.
See, nothing gets me madder faster than people who are rude for no reason. ESPECIALLY when others are trying to HELP THEM!!!!!!  But I also realize that we live in an area that attracts a large number of, well, whackos.  So maybe he's not all there.  Maybe he took some bad LSD in the 60's and it messed him up.  Who knows.  Either, way, I will most likely never see him again, and I get to feel superior.  Sure, I yelled at him and implied that he was no better than someone's back end, but at least I'd made an effort to begin with.
Small victories.  Sometimes you just gotta take 'em where you can.
In other news, I taught my first-ever yoga class the other night.  I was REALLY nervous, but it was fun!  It was also nice, because the three participants are people I know (including my S-I-L!).  It was at the offices of the company that gave my kids their in-home therapy, so we all know each other very well.  It was low-key and cool.
I'm also taking more classes at different studios around town.  I can try different teachers and different methods AND, for now at least, take advantage of all the new-student offers!
Finally, because of Zumba, I have been feeling brave enough to try different dance-based workouts. In the relative safety of my own home.  The other day I turned on the On Demand feature of the cable box and tried Cheryl Burke's (she of "Dancing With the Stars") "Disco Abs."  It's basically dancing to ORIGINAL disco hits, with lots of hip-swinging, gyrating, finger-pointing a la "Saturday Night Fever", and it's FUN!
Although it would have been a little easier without my six year-old on my back.
Which is why I'm doing it again , today, THIS MORNING, while the kids are in school.

Finally, I am hoping to scroungs together enough money for more Pilates teacher training.  There is a 3 month (weekends only) intensive training course coming up in the Fall, and I want to be there.  I want to re-train for Mat, but also for all the other equipment you'll find in studios, as well as anatomy, working with athletes, pre and post-natal, seniors, etc.  My goal is to work in a studio.  Not that I don't enjoy my classes at the gyms, I do!  And I will continue to teach those as long as I can. But I think, at this point, working one-on-one and in small groups will be more my speed.  I also don't want to have to obsess over how many people are in my classes, whether I will LOSE my classes, and giving people a hard sell.  I am a TERRIBLE salesperson! I figure there will (hopefully!) be less of that in a studio environment.  I'd also like to work with folks who are coming off an injury or surgery.  There's definitely less of a "go for the burn" vibe there, lol!
And maybe, someday, we can buy a house in which I could set up my own little studio!
Ya never know.


exservice29 said...

Hi, i have heard that a pilate session is hard. Is this true ? i have been thinking about doing it down my gym but am scared of making a prat of myself. I'm quite well built, play rugby and do the marines part time so something like pilates would help me.

azusmom said...

It is hard, but it also depends on the teacher and the level of the class. Pilates would be GREAT for you, and I'm guessing you'd enjoy it! I just read an article about some Navy SEALs who do Pilates. Can't let them get away with that, lol!