Monday, December 14, 2009


Gotta love watching futbol!

So it's creeping up on Jan. 1, and most folks will be setting their New Years' resolutions. A lot of those resolutions will involve weight loss and/or getting to the gym. For 3 months, our JCC will be filled to the brim with well-meaning folk sweating it out over treadmills, free weights, bikes, Pilates reformers, and crowding the already-crowded kickboxing classes. Then the numbers will taper off, leaving the Faithful. Pounds will remain un-lost, biceps flabby, water un-drunk (drank?), and Happy Hours will take the place of after-work sweat sessions.
So, like Charlotte, I am making changes NOW. I gave up on New Year's resolutions years ago, deciding, instead, to make changes whenever I was ready, be it January 1st, July 4th, or, say, December 13th.
See, yesterday morning I subbed a Pilates mat class. I then realized that there was a Spinning class right after, upstairs. And I thought, what the heck? I haven't been to a Spin class in 4 years, and I always enjoy it.
So I went.
And in the first 10 minutes I thought I was gonna die.
Then I got the hang of it.
Then I started enjoying it!
Then I realized that DAMN, I gotta work on my endurance!
Our gym has, like 14 Spin classes a week. And then there's Equinox, which I can still use for free, even though I'm only a sub, 'cause that's how they roll. And they have, like 20 Spin classes a week!
I can pretty much take a class whenever I want. I mean, aside from when I'm, y'know, working or watching my kids and all.
To add to that, our local Bikram yoga studio MIGHT be adding 2 early morning, hour-long classes. YAY! So if I can swing at least one yoga and 2 spin classes, added to my pilates and bar workouts (that's "bar" as in ballet barre, not shot-of-tequila-bar, unfortunately), I'll not only have my cardio endurance back, but I'll be strong and bendy, too! Maybe even bendy enough to grab both kids as they run off in different directions!
So, those are some of my new goals.
Along with keeping an emotional food journal.
OK, that sounds like a weepy notebook. I mean, a notebook to write down what I'm feeling every time I eat, so I can figure out when I'm truly hungry and when I'm simply avoiding feeling stuff.

Finally, I am going to show my gratitude for and appreciation of all the support we have for our kids. I just found out that my daughters' therapists, as well as the head of special ed for the school district, have been keeping an eye on her in her new classroom, and, like me, they believe it is not the right placement for her. Even as I write this, the search is on for a new classroom, and this is without my lifting a finger! (Meanwhile, the teachers in her current classroom have been bending over backwards trying to make her happy and comfortable, even as she scratches, pinches, and pulls their hair.)
Her ABA therapists have been working with her for over 3 years. Her Occupational Therapist has been with her for almost 2. They adore her, and she loves them right back. They are wonderful, as are my son's teachers (and he has the same OT).
We are very, VERY lucky!


Charlotte said...

Wooohooo spin! I haven't done one of those classes in ages and now I want to:) I think the girlie bits are probably back up to sitting on a bike now;)

azusmom said...

Just wear some padded shorts, lol!

NeverSayDiet said...

i recently took my first spin class in years too, and my god was my crotch sore! Ho do boys do it?!?!

azusmom said...

I really don't know! My husband rides his bike A LOT, commuting to and fro, and I guess it's all about the placement of the seat.