Thursday, December 10, 2009

Can't. Flippin'. TAKE IT ANYMORE!!!!!!

I think I needs must get off the internet. Or at least focus on blogs I like and lolcats. Because if I read one more comment referring to the president as "monkey boy," I'm gonna go postal! I'm gonna find Glenn Beck and do something horrible, like force him to clean my house INCLUDING THE BATHROOMS! It's almost 2010, people! Racism is SO 1950's! Get the hell over it!
And the environment? Yeah. We all gotta live here, and I don't feel like breathing in your pollution. So recycle a bottle every once in a while. It's not gonna kill ya.
Global warming is a sign of the Apocolypse? Perhaps. But you're all set, 'cause your going to Heaven, so who cares? The folks in parts of the world whose kids have no clean water care quite a bit. And that whole guarantee of getting into Heaven? When you turn away from the poorest people on earth, I wouldn't bet on it.
Finally, to anyone who is conducting a job interview: when you speak to someone on the phone and they tell you they're looking for part-time work in the morning? NOW would be a good time to let them know you're looking for someone to work full-time, especially evenings! Waiting until they've driven into the city, spent 30 minutes looking for parking and another 45 minutes looking for the address (because no one in your office is answering the damn phone!) is NOT the right time to tell them all this stuff. And when they tell you they MIGHT be able to work 2 evenings a week, don't yell at them when they say that it could be a challenge, a'ight?! They...I am trying to accommodate you, even though you are making no such effort. I just told you my availability. You told me your company's ridiculous (IMHO) requirements. They don't mesh. Other than adding more hours to the day, there is no way to make this work. So stop gettin' all up in my face with the 'tude, got it?

Plus I got my period this morning. It's been a hell of a day.


Charlotte said...

Where do you live that people are calling our president Monkey Boy?! I swear I've never anyone say that out here - but then I only listen to NPR and have never heard Glen Beck. That is abhorrent. Even if you don't like his policies and you didn't vote for him, he is still the PRESIDENT.

Oh, and bummer about the job AND your period:(

azusmom said...

The really sad thing is that I read that comment on a BBC News America blog. It was in response to a post written by the newscaster. I also saw a documentary on HBO about the Obama campaign, and A LOT of folks made "monkey" comments, carried stuffed monkeys, etc. It was DISGUSTING! Like you say, he's the president, and he's also a human being who deserves respect. It's amazing that racism is alive and well in (almost) 2010.
I'm sticking with NPR from now on, too.