Thursday, July 9, 2009

Vomit, Gluten, and Sleepless Nights. (Or, WAAAAAAY TMI!!!!)

This morning Hubby and I were awakened to the dulcet tones of WG puking. It was about 6:15 AM, so it was time to get up anyway. (Who needs an alarm clock?)
We cleaned her up and started getting her ready for school. After all, it was only a little bit of vomit, and she seemed to be feeling much better.
Then she did it again, so I went outside and told the just-arrived bus driver that she would not be attending school this day. He said "Oh, poor thing! We'll see ya tomorrow?" To which I optimistically replied "Yes!" I thanked him, and off he went to pick up non-hurling special-ed students for summer school.
So we started getting LG ready for school. He came downstairs mostly dressed, except for his pants. (He doesn't particularly like pants, and removes them as soon as he gets home from wherever place he's been that requires the wearing of pants.) So when Hubby told him to put on his pants, he replied with "No pants."
Because, in a new development, LG has learned the word "No." He has learned, I should say, to USE the word "No." He's heard it often enough (my B-I-L insists that LG's middle name is "No," because we say it after his name all the time.)
But now he has learned that he, too, can harness the Power of No.
And, boy howdy, does he!!!!
"Time to get up for school." "No!"
"OK, let's brush your teeth." "No!"
"Turn off the TV" "No!
You get the idea.
All kids go through this. I understand that. And it's great that he says "no" instead of "All done." And I suppose I should get annoyed when he says it, but it just cracks me up! (Talk to me in a couple of weeks and I'm sure I'll be over it, but for now...)
Our kids are stubborn. VERY stubborn. (Must come from Hubby. I was a perfect little angel. No, really! Why are you laughing?!?!?!) And I LOVE it! Even when I'm tearing my hair out, I think their stubbornness is a GOOD thing. They definitely have personality, and they know what they like!
They're also INCREDIBLY sweet. The other day LG was eating an apple and I asked him to get one for WG. So he walked over to her and gave her his. He also sings to her when she's upset, and when we cut her nails (which she HATES), he tries to take the nail cutter away from us. Because it makes her cry. She, meanwhile, gives hugs to all her teachers, therapists, and even LG's teachers, and is a rapt audience for her brothers' dramatic, live-action renditions of "Elmo's World."
So, anyway, we got him dressed and off to school. After another bout of throwing up, WG went into the tub. She's feeling better, and has her color back (she was awfully pale this morning!), but not much of an appetite. So we're trying to figure out if the vomit came from gluten withdrawal G's therapist told me that one kid she worked with started, I kid you not, FOAMING AT THE EARS!!!! Thank goodness we've only had throwup!) or from her field trip yesterday to a water park, where she was caught drinking some of the water!
Could be a combination of both.
Although she's been having tummy troubles all week (waking up at night, every night, with stomach aches.)
I guess only time will tell.
Oh, and in other new words/phrases from LG, the other night he said "Tickle my butt!"
I have NO IDEA where THAT came from!


Charlotte said...

So sorry about the sickies! That's the first time I've heard of gluten withdrawal. Hopefully it passes soon. And hey, my son hates pants too. He once took his off in Famous Footwear in the mall. Undies too. Naked from the waist down. I love being a mom.

azusmom said...

I'd never heard of it, either, but I guess there's a buildup of guck that they start letting go of once it's no longer being put into their systems. It's kinda like quitting smoking; the former smoker starts coughing up crud every morning for a month or two.
Yesterday she took a nice long nap, slept through the night, and woke up happy. So I guess it's passing through her system (fingers crossed!)
That story about your son is HILARIOUS!!!!!! Ah, the joys of motherhood!